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Find Chamber of Commerce speakers, comedians, magicians, and entertainers perfect for Annual Banquets, Monthly Meetings, and Events. Each of these presenters have recent experience speaking at Chamber events across the United States.

Life is Magic by Joshua Lozoff

Magic, mind-reading, mentalism and mystery! Joshua's show combines his love for the art of magic, and his fascination with psychology, intuition and other "inner workings of the mind."

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Clean Humor and Inspiration by Leslie Norris Townsend

100% clean stand-up comedy, music and audience participation. Leslie can move audiences from tears to laughter while motivating, mesmerizing and captivating each one.

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Dirt in Our DNA by Jerry Carroll

Stories of farming and farm life tailored for agricultural events. You'll enjoy tales of feeding hogs, raising crops, and keeping the farm equipment together with duct tape, bailing wire, and WD-40.

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Good, Clean Humor by Larry Weaver

100% clean stand-up comedy performance that is highly professional, culturally sensitive and hilariously funny. As heard on SIRIUS XM Blue Collar Radio and Laugh USA, Larry's humor includes tales of growing up in the country, home remedies, family gatherings, marriage, traveling, trying to eat right, and more.

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Laugh More, Stress Less - Agricultural Edition by Lyndy Phillips

Born and raised on an 850-acre farm in rural Texas and backed by over 20 years of experience, agricultural speaker Lyndy Phillips will make your event a success. He can entertain your group, make them laugh, feel appreciated and inspired.

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Clean Humor and Impressions by David Ferrell

100% clean stand-up comedy show suitable for all ages and backgrounds. Plus, David is happy to customize his performance with jokes about your company or organization.

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Laugh More, Stress Less by Lyndy Phillips

Laugh, learn and reduce stress with this upbeat presentation. Successful organizations know that happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive.

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It's Funny Now by Rik Roberts

Dynamic comedy show funny enough to headline comedy clubs across the country and clean enough to bring your grandkids or grandparents to see. It's family-friendly and full of fun, easy to relate to material.

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Clean Customized Humor by John Felts

Show your clients, employees, families or loyal customers a good time through John's clean and carefully put together set. You are guaranteed to see lots of laughs, smiles and possibly a fellow audience member on stage!

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Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers Or Cold Ashes? by Dr. Charles Petty

This motivational presentation focuses on the importance of maintaining energy and purpose in one’s life and work, and suggests some ways to achieve and maintain a healthy productivity. Helps managers, sales people and employees to "keep the fires going."

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Life Down a Dirt Road by Jerry Carroll

Down-home comedy delivered in a fast-paced, high-energy style. From stories about his grandma to his grandkids, Jerry's relatable topics crack up the most hard-to-please crowds.

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Upcoming Schedule

1/10/2018York, NEAg Expo with Lyndy Phillips
1/18/2018Petal, MSAnnual Banquet with Larry Weaver
1/19/2018Rainsville, ALAnnual Banquet with Paul Miller
1/19/2018Great Falls, MTAgriculture Appreciation Banquet with Jerry Carroll
4/10/2018Greenville, MSAnnual Meeting with Joshua Lozoff

Recent Reviews

Chamber Annual Gala in Tazewell, TN

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Tazewell, TN

Joshua Lozoff was great! We had nothing but great compliments on him and was asked by several if he will be back next year!

Administrative Assistant, Claiborne Economic Partnership 5/26/2017 review of Joshua Lozoff

Women's Luncheon in Pulaski, TN

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Pulaski, TN

Wow! Our audience of women LOVED Leslie Norris Townsend! It always nice to laugh at the things we women go through in life. Leslie provided very uplifting material perfect for all ages. I would recommend her to anyone!

Annual Agriculture Banquet in Albert Lea, MN

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Albert Lea, MN

Jerry Carroll is wonderful. He kept our audience interested, and they really enjoyed him. I have had good feedback from the people that had came to the event. He got everyone one to laugh and smile. He was excellent, awesome.

Program & Event Manager, Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce 3/21/2017 review of Jerry Carroll

Annual Retreat in Wilmington, NC

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Wilmington, NC

Larry Weaver was great! His show was very much fun, and opening with the awards was a nice touch. Larry was easy to work with and communicate with, and my folks enjoyed the show. He was a great addition to our event. I would definitely recommend him.

Vice President of Operations, Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce 2/18/2017 review of Larry Weaver

Agriculture Appreciation Banquet in Great Falls, MT

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Great Falls, MT

We thoroughly enjoyed having Lyndy!!!! He was truly outstanding. Our banquet features 4H and FFA students, both of which Lyndy grew up with. With his background he was able to connect with the audience and helped us showcase and recognize our future Young Agriculture Leaders, 4-H and FFA students. Lyndy commanded our attention. He was funny, inspirational, relevant, clean, and delivered a terrific message to all of us using humor and laughter to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Thank You! He was perfect!!

Agriculture Committee Chair, Great Falls Chamber of Commerce 1/20/2017 review of Lyndy Phillips

Annual Banquet in Rainsville, AL

David Ferrell did an awesome job of entertaining at our 50th Annual Banquet. We are a small rural town, and everyone is still talking about the Banquet and that it was the best one ever. They loved David's performance. He was clean, funny and quick witted. I was very impressed with the way he engaged the audience. We are very appreciative of David for making our banquet a success, and we would highly recommend him.

Assistant Executive Director, Rainsville Chamber of Commerce 1/19/2017 review of David Ferrell

Annual York Ag Expo in York, NE

Jerry Carroll was a hit with our audience and was very enjoyable to visit with. He was very prompt. I talked to him on his drive to town and he arrived before the guests. He brought his own intro script which was very helpful! His material was appropriate for the audience. Jerry exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!

Marketing Assistant, York Chamber of Commerce 1/11/2017 review of Jerry Carroll

Annual Banquet in Lincolnton, GA

I have heard nothing but GREAT things about Larry Weaver's performance!!! Our audience loved all the clean jokes and his easy-going personality set the mood! We had a wonderful evening and laughed the entire time! We also loved the songs at the end of the performance. It was a great addition to the show! Off the chart!

Treasurer, Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce 3/12/2016 review of Larry Weaver

Meeting in Fort Worth, TX

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Fort Worth, TX

Lyndy is an entertaining, witty and hilarious presenter who I cannot recommend highly enough for any occasion where you need a presenter. His style puts your audience immediately at ease and his content is original and humorous and will leave your audience feeling good and wanting more. Be sure to get Lyndy on your event schedule!

President & CEO, Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce 2/18/2016 review of Lyndy Phillips

Northwest Iowa Ag Outlook Conference in Spencer, IA

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Spencer, IA

Wow -- where to start? Jerry Carroll met and exceeded my expectations. He was very easy to work with and very thoughtful. Jerry attended the Vendor Reception on Monday night - networking with the vendors and getting to know our committee and the surrounding area. On Tuesday, Jerry arrived early at the venue and walked around networking with the vendors; meeting the public and attending the speaker before Jerry - Iowa Agriculture Secretary, Bill Northey. Everyone I have talked to that attended Jerry Carroll's presentation have told me nothing but great things about his presentation. Jerry staying up on what is happening in Agriculture and Business in other parts of the US - and not just his home state is what impressed me. He very much so has his homework done to relate to his audience. Jerry also dressed correctly - he did not try to out dress the audience. Jerry's audience was farmers and farm related business people mainly and he dressed to relate to them - this was wonderful! After Jerry's presentation and before he left I was very touched that he came to find me to thank me and give me a hug. I would recommend Jerry to anyone.

Program Director, Spencer Chamber of Commerce 2/16/2016 review of Jerry Carroll

Annual Banquet in Petal, MS

Now I have a problem. Who am I going to get next year that will provide an evening of entertainment like Joshua Lozoff? The bar has been set so high that I just don't see how I will be able to find someone as good as him. I can't say enough about his professionalism and genuine 'likeability'. He's a wonderful talent and a very nice guy. The attendees have had wonderful comments and enjoyed how he interacted with them. He was astounding.

Executive Director, Petal Area Chamber of Commerce 2/1/2016 review of Joshua Lozoff

Annual Banquet in Hill City, KS

I heard from multiple people that the Rik Roberts' clean humor was perfect. You have to remember we are a Chamber of Commerce and we are very proud of the fact that all of the churches in town are members. I overheard a conversation (I was in another room and they did not know I was listening) about the clean nature of the comedian was refreshing.

Executive Director, Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce 1/31/2016 review of Rik Roberts

SAIF Agri-Business Banquet in Salem, OR

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Salem, OR

Jerry Carroll did a wonderful job at our Agri-Business Banquet! He was there well in advance to make sure everything was setup and the stage/audio-visual was to his liking. He had a message that resonated with a conservative, but diverse audience. Making a crowd of 550 have a great time is no easy task! Thank you so much.

Director of Events and Programs, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce 1/22/2016 review of Jerry Carroll

Chamber Meeting in Grapevine, TX

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Grapevine, TX

Lyndy spoke to a large audience of diverse business leaders and made a indelible image on everyone. His message of laughter included not only humorous dialog, but the justification and motivation for making sure that laughter is a part of each and every day of our lives. I would recommend him at anytime, to any type of audience and would know that he would benefit all who hear him. He would make the person who booked him a hero to their business or organization.

Annual Chamber Banquet in Tazewell, TN

John Felts was absolutely amazing! He exceeded our expectations when he had completed his performance. He involved the crowd which everyone loved. He also used a wide variety of material to ensure he targeted all of the audience. John also took time before the dinner started to socialize with the crowd and that probably enabled him to include them in some of his show. He stayed afterwards and interacted with everyone and was very professional for the entire evening. Again, we thoroughly enjoyed having him for our guest at our event and look forward to working with him again.

CEO, Claiborne Economic Partnership 5/15/2015 review of John Felts

Annual Banquet in Petal, MS

After years of dry, boring and repetitive annual chamber banquets, we decided to do something different. Let's have FUN and LAUGH. David Ferrell allowed us to do just that. My stressed crowd of business professionals sat back, relaxed and LAUGHED. Following the evening, I received numerous comments and personal visits from members that praised David, his performance and his clean material. Working with David was a pleasure. He is completely professional and non-demanding.

Executive Director, Petal Area Chamber of Commerce 2/2/2015 review of David Ferrell

SAIF Agri-Business Banquet in Salem, OR

Dr. Petty was wonderful! He went above and beyond to make sure he communicated with me in advance, as well as on the day of the event to make sure he was dialed in and we were feeling good on our side too. It was also very nice to have him available for a conference call to talk to the events committee in advance. We have heard extremely good feedback thus far from those in attendance at the event. Thank you again for the recommendation.

Director of Events and Programs, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce 1/23/2015 review of Dr. Charles Petty

Annual Banquet in Paris, TX

We were very pleased with John Felts. He was timely, considerate, and very funny. There were many people that told us they enjoyed him. Your company did a great job in taking care of all our needs. Thank you!!

Administrative Assistant, Lamar County Chamber of Commerce 10/28/2014 review of John Felts

Annual Chamber Banquet in Fulton, TX

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Fulton, TX

Lyndy presented an outstanding performance filled with laughter and energy. He used people from our audience in parts of his presentation making it fun and enjoyable. His message was uplifting. The content fit our evening. He did a great job. We highly recommend Lyndy for your next event.

President/CEO, Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce 7/21/2014 review of Lyndy Phillips

Annual Banquet in Tazewell, TN

Larry Weaver's performance at the Annual Claiborne County of Commerce was absolutely hilarious. Everyone truly enjoyed his upbeat entertainment and interaction with the audience. There was never a dull moment. I have had more compliments on this years Chamber of Commerce dinner than ever before. I would definitely recommend Larry Weaver Entertainment for an enjoyable evening to remember. Larry was awesome.

Executive Director, Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce 5/9/2014 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Banquet in Petal, MS

We had a fabulous time! Leslie Norris Townsend was a joy to work with and professional in every way. Our banquet has never featured a comedienne, so Leslie had her work cut out for her loosening up this very traditional group! By the end of the evening, everyone was laughing and having a great time. I have received nothing but compliments on her performance. Many thanks.

Annual Banquet in Selmer, TN

Larry Weaver was wonderful. He was very professional and easy to work with. His style of comedy resonated well with our audience. The feedback was awesome. We were very happy with his performance.

Director of Chamber Programs, McNairy Regional Alliance 1/25/2014 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Banquet in Galloway, TN

Chamber Speakers and Entertainers in Galloway, TN

This was our first time having a comedian perform and David Ferrell was well received by the crowd. His willingness to change his program time when asked was very accommodating to the event. Would ask to come back again.

Banquet Planner, Oakland Regional Chamber of Commerce 4/5/2013 review of David Ferrell

Annual Installation Banquet in Kinder, LA

David Ferrell did an excellent job. We would consider using him again.

Vice President, Kinder Chamber of Commerce 3/4/2013 review of David Ferrell
A few of the states our Chamber Speakers and Entertainers have recently presented in include: Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and others.

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