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When it comes to finding the perfect keynote speakers for conferences, conventions, and association annual meetings, look no further than Trusted Speakers.

Our roster includes seasoned professionals adept at captivating diverse audiences at various corporate and association events. They bring a wealth of experience to conferences and conventions, providing impactful insights and inspiring stories tailored to your event's theme and objectives. Whether you're organizing an annual meeting for a professional association or a large-scale industry convention, our keynote speakers are expertly skilled in delivering messages that resonate, motivate, and leave a lasting impression.

Funny Leadership Speaker
His keynote is a dynamic fusion of Leadership and Laughter, designed to empower audiences. It helps you discover leadership insights in the most unexpected places, arms you with effective strategies to overcome stress and anxiety, and delivers practical tactics to enhance workplace productivity.

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Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver
Professional comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of energy, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. The presentation combines stand-up comedy with content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

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Change Management Speaker
This keynote skillfully blends humor with valuable tips for navigating change in business, from environmental initiatives to evolving rules. Amidst the fear, tension, and miscommunications brought by constant change, it offers a light-hearted yet practical approach. Enjoy laughs while learning how to adapt to change using humor.

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Corporate Comedian and Emcee
Treat your clients, employees, families, or loyal customers to a thoroughly enjoyable experience with his clean, meticulously crafted comedy set. Expect an abundance of laughs and smiles, and don't be surprised if you see someone from the audience joining in on stage for an extra bit of fun!

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Stress Management Speaker
Prepare to laugh, learn, and alleviate stress with this lively presentation. Forward-thinking organizations recognize that fostering happier, healthier, and less stressed individuals leads to increased productivity. This engaging session is designed to achieve just that, offering a valuable blend of humor, learning, and stress reduction.

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Magic and Comedy
His show offers a unique blend of fast-paced, skillful magic and mentalism. Packed with unparalleled sleight-of-hand, audience interaction, and clever humor, his performance showcases extraordinary, exclusive tricks. It's not just a magic show; it's an inspiring, memorable journey of laughter and wonder, leaving audiences positively captivated.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Myrtle Beach, SC

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials SCAAO Spring Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Bowling Green, KY

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Kentucky Rural Health Association KRHA Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Ocean City, MD

Communication Speaker for Maryland Association of Election Officials Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Myrtle Beach, SC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for South Carolina Association of Government Purchasing Officials SCAGPO Annual Forum

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Elizabeth City, NC

Clean Comedian for North Carolina Potato Association Annual Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Montgomery, AL

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Alabama Association for Persons Supporting Employment First AL-APSE Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Evansville, IN

Magician for Mechanical Contractors of Southern Indiana Holiday Party

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Wilmington, NC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for American Public Works Associaton North Carolina APWA Streets Division Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Cooperstown, NY

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Financial Managers Association of Rehab Organizations, Inc. FMA Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Smithfield, NC

Farmer Comedian for Johnston County Building Industry Association Christmas Dinner

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Dallas, TX

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Texas Grain & Feed Association TGFA Annual Convention

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Asheville, NC

Comedian for North Carolina Apple Growers Association Annual Meeting

Trusted Reviews. Speakers you can rely on.

Comedian for Cuming County Feeders Association

"Robert did an outstanding job. He promised a clean and funny show, and was able to entertain a large crowd in very large room. Robert came prepared with humorous educational material related to our industry and included in his act."

President, CCFA Annual Banquet
Comedienne for Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

"Leslie Norris Townsend was awesome. Love her to death!"

Executive Director, Annual Conference
Farmer Comedian for Rocky Mountain Agribusiness Association

"This was the first time the association had an entertaining event during the convention. It was very well received. Jerry did a great job with the crowd!"

Director, Winter Meeting
Stress Speaker for Whiteside County Cattlemen's Association

"Thanks so much to Lyndy for coming and entertaining at our annual banquet. We had such positive feedback on his performance. Everyone enjoyed the performance, and they were delighted about the crowd participation. The younger kids were totally enthused with his magic tricks. Again thank you so much for a STRESS FREE evening. Looking forward to the next year's banquet."

Board of Directors, Annual Banquet
Magician for Mechanical Contractors of Southern Indiana

"I had so many people come up after Matt's show and compliment the entertainment. He killed it. Thanks again for a wonderful evening. I will be meeting with the board in January and am going to make a motion to have Matt back next year."

President-Elect, Holiday Party
Communication Speaker for National Electrical Contractors Association - Dakotas Chapter

"Joshua was fantastic! He had our group mesmerized with his magic. Our event was outdoors and unfortunately it wasn't quite dark enough for him to present his communication message onscreen. However his connection with the audience through participation and illusions captivated our group and kept them engaged throughout the show."

Assistant Executive Director, NECA Annual Meeting
Comedian for Roanoke Valley Apartment Association

"We were entertained from start to finish. We laughed and laughed! I would gladly recommend Matt to any group! I can't imagine how hard it is for a comedian to make people laugh at 9am on a Thursday morning, but he pulled it off! Thank you!"

Second Vice President, Holiday Brunch
Magician and Mentalist for Georgia Government Finance Officers Association

"Joshua was our strolling magician to kick off our annual conference. He was absolutely AMAZING! The crowd loved him and I have heard nothing but great reviews. People, including myself, were amazed with his magic. He was fantastic to work with, so professional. I am hoping to have him come back for our conference next year to either be our keynote speaker or do a stage show. Awesome job Joshua!!"

Conference Chairperson, Annual Conference
Farmer Comedian for Indiana State Poultry Association

"Jerry worked out exceptionally well. We had a large crowd of farm families, and Jerry tailored his material to this group. He was able to relate to the attendees."

Manager, Annual Meeting
Magician and Mentalist for North Carolina Apple Growers Association

"Joshua did a great job with his presentation. He left people wondering and talking about how he did what he did."

Educational Advisor, Annual Meeting Banquet
Farmer Comedian for Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association

"Jerry was a great change of pace from our usual luncheon speakers."

Meeting Planner, Annual Conference
Farmer Comedian for Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of SC

"We really enjoyed having Jerry at the convention - he is hilarious. We have received great feedback. Thank you!"

Director of Events & Membership, IIABSC Annual Convention

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