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Trusted Speakers is your ideal source for finance speakers who bring fresh, external perspectives to bank events, credit unions, and insurance meetings.

While not all are from the financial industry themselves, our speakers offer a unique and valuable viewpoint to financial sector gatherings. They are adept at discussing business concepts and strategies in a way that is accessible and engaging to professionals in banking, credit unions, and insurance. Perfect for keynote speeches, workshops, or seminars, our finance speakers deliver content that is both thought-provoking and beneficial for attendees looking to gain a fresh perspective in their financial endeavors.

Change Management Speaker
This keynote skillfully blends humor with valuable tips for navigating change in business, from environmental initiatives to evolving rules. Amidst the fear, tension, and miscommunications brought by constant change, it offers a light-hearted yet practical approach. Enjoy laughs while learning how to adapt to change using humor.

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Funny Leadership Speaker
His keynote is a dynamic fusion of Leadership and Laughter, designed to empower audiences. It helps you discover leadership insights in the most unexpected places, arms you with effective strategies to overcome stress and anxiety, and delivers practical tactics to enhance workplace productivity.

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Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver
Professional comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of energy, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. The presentation combines stand-up comedy with content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

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Funny Mindset Speaker
Participants in this event are treated to a top-tier comedy juggling performance, intertwined with clear, step-by-step guidance on how to juggle - a metaphor for mastering any skill. They'll learn strategies to reduce stress and foster physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being. This interactive, improvisational show is captivating from beginning to end.

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Humorous Southern Speaker
She offers a unique mix of humor with a charming Southern twist, appealing to diverse audiences. Firm in her belief that laughter unites us more than divides, she skillfully brings people of all backgrounds together through her distinctive, relatable comedy.

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Clean Corporate Comedian
His stand-up comedy show is 100% clean, perfect for all ages and diverse backgrounds. He's also adept at tailoring his performance with customized jokes about your company or organization, adding a personal touch to his universally enjoyable act.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Burlington, VT

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for The Vermont Agency TVA New Year Kick-Off

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Louisville, KY

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for National Association of Educational Procurement - Kentucky Region NAEP Kentucky Regional

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Devils Lake, ND

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Lake Region Banker's Association Annual Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Grundy, VA

Comedian for TruPoint Bank Employee Christmas Dinner

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Raleigh, NC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for LifePlan Group LPG Client Appreciation

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Frankfort, KY

Communication Speaker for Commonwealth Credit Union Company Vision Day

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Richmond, VA

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Virginia Medical Group Management Association Virginia MGMA Spring Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in West Hartford, CT

Larry Weaver - Virtual Comedian and Speaker for Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators CAPFAA Annual Conference (Virtual)

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Myrtle Beach, SC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Horry-Georgetown County, Inc. IIABHGC Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Myrtle Beach, SC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Carolinas-Virginias Association of Rural Utilities Service Telephone Accountants RUS Annual Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Charlottesville, VA

Teamwork Speaker for University of Virginia Investment Management Company Operations Retreat

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Greensboro, NC

Larry Weaver - Virtual Comedian and Speaker for Triad Financial Advisors, Inc. Client Meeting (Virtual)

Trusted Reviews. Speakers you can rely on.

Communication Speaker for Educators Benefit Services

"Joshua was always quick to follow up with any questions, had his presentation to us quickly, and showed up on time. Wonderful personality and so easy to work with!"

HR Support Manager, Annual Fall Conference
Clean Comedian for Lake Region Banker's Association

"Relatable, clean humor! Larry is a down-to-earth kind of guy, who is hilarious and also holds strong values!"

President, Annual Meeting
Clean Comedian for Adams Financial

"Larry Weaver connects well with the audience. His material is funny and also classy, so you don't have to worry about people being offended. Great speaker / entertainer."

Financial Advisor, Client Appreciation Event
Comedian for State Employees Association of NC

"We were pleased with Greg's performance. We had last minute changes and he rolled well with the punches - which was much appreciated. The skits that pulled people up on stage were a tremendous hit."

Meeting Planner, Awards Banquet
Farmer Comedian for Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of SC

"We really enjoyed having Jerry at the convention - he is hilarious. We have received great feedback. Thank you!"

Director of Events & Membership, IIABSC Annual Convention
Communication Speaker for Tennessee Government Finance Officers Association

"It was a pleasure having Joshua at our conference. He did a great job of keeping the attention of the audience, as he wove entertainment into a discussion on communication. His tricks were jaw-dropping and we loved that he involved members of the audience."

Board Member, Fall Conference
Magician and Mentalist for West Texas State Bank

"Our employees all had positive comments about Joshua and went on and on how good he was. Thank you so much for providing great entertainment!"

President, Christmas party
Comedian for Savers Marketing

"David did a great job. The crowd was involved and all went well. Thanks for your help, once again!"

President, Annual Training Event
Comedian for Upstate Federal Credit Union

"David was the entertainment for our Credit Union Annual Meeting. David has a funny and very clean show. Everyone enjoyed him. He stayed after the meeting to meet and talk with our members. I would highly recommend David."

Administrative Office, Annual Meeting
Clean Comedian for South Carolina Association of Government Purchasing Officials

"This is the first time our convention has ever done anything other than a DJ for entertaining our members. Larry Weaver was awesome and the folks I interacted with afterwards greatly enjoyed his performance."

President, SCAGPO Annual Convention
Farmer Comedian for B&S Insurance Agency

"You knew Jerry was a farmer as soon as he started to talk. He was great. Just kept people laughing. We had a lot of people come up and say Jerry was the best speaker we've ever had."

Owner, Annual Meeting
Stress Speaker for First National Bank Texas

"I have received raving reviews about the Lyndy's presentation. His topic was spot on for our folks. They work hard to achieve aggressive goals and a topic on managing stress hit home for many of them. Thank you Lyndy for kicking off our day with lots of laughs!"

Vice President, Annual Branch Manager Meeting

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