Transportation Speakers and Entertainers

Find speakers, comedians, magicians, and entertainers for your next transportation event. Each of these presenters have recent experience at meetings and events for truck drivers, railroad and subway personnel, road pavers, and others involved in the transporation industry.

The Mayberry Method by Rik Roberts

Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud! Imagine your attendees surprised by America’s Favorite Deputy Barney Fife blowing a whistle as he enters the conference room. Next, he pulls out a few “citations” that he has written up on members of your group. The group belly laughs as the “harmless offenses” are revealed. Once the group is engaged, Rik steps out of character and delivers a speech about 1) Increasing productivity by eliminating distractions, 2) Managing time more effectively, and 3) Setting clearer goals.

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Life is Magic by Joshua Lozoff

Magic, mind-reading, mentalism and mystery! Joshua's show combines his love for the art of magic, and his fascination with psychology, intuition and other "inner workings of the mind."

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Audience Energizer by Paul Miller

Enjoy a truly refreshing and interactive comedy performance that happens as much off stage as it does on. Paul’s inviting demeanor and quick wit keeps audience interactions, and the laughs, rolling. Experience one-of-a-kind, never-happen-again moments as balls get tossed, balloons get blown, and magic takes your breath away. This performance is as much comedy show as it is a team building party.

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Clean Humor and Impressions by David Ferrell

100% clean stand-up comedy show suitable for all ages and backgrounds. Plus, David is happy to customize his performance with jokes about your company or organization.

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Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers Or Cold Ashes? by Dr. Charles Petty

This motivational presentation focuses on the importance of maintaining energy and purpose in one’s life and work, and suggests some ways to achieve and maintain a healthy productivity. Helps managers, sales people and employees to "keep the fires going."

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Eat, Laugh, Be Amazed by Lyndy Phillips

100% clean comedy entertainment that breaks the ice, grabs the audience's attention, and brings people together for a successful event. This show will delight audiences of all ages and make any event fun and memorable. 

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Greg Romeo

Greg's greatest strength is his ability to customize his show for each audience. He works closely with you to gather information about your company or organization as well as key individuals within your group and turns the material into a hilarious, interactive performance!

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Laugh More, Stress Less by Lyndy Phillips

Laugh, learn and reduce stress with this upbeat presentation. Successful organizations know that happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive.

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Vic Henley

Using his Southern "good ol' boy" persona to first charm his audience, Vic wins them over entirely with his well-crafted humor, improvisational ability, quick wit, and high energy performance. A native of Oxford, Alabama, Vic graduated from Auburn University and headed to Phoenix for a career as a stockbroker.

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Life Down a Dirt Road by Jerry Carroll

Down-home comedy delivered in a fast-paced, high-energy style. From stories about his grandma to his grandkids, Jerry's relatable topics crack up the most hard-to-please crowds.

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Funny Awards Show by Larry Weaver

Fun awards show for your audience members hosted by a professional stand-up comedian. Recognize that employee, volunteer or staff member who takes the last cup of coffee, is always losing paperwork, or can never be found.

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Recent Reviews

Safety Banquet in Wesson, MS

Mutzie was fantastic. I’ll pass his name along to the other divisions. I think they would really enjoy him.

Transportation Manager, McLane Southern 4/14/2018 review of Guest Speakers

Test Track Conference in Auburn, AL

Transportation Speakers and Entertainers in Auburn, AL

Rik Roberts was exactly what our conference needed after two solid days of technical presentations and site tours. His "Mayberry Method" presentation had the right balance of information/strategies to combat wasteful work habits well blended with his wonderful sense of humor. Everyone had a great time with some great takeaways from his performance. He was an absolute professional and great to work with!

Professor, National Center for Asphalt Technology 3/28/2018 review of Rik Roberts

Customer Appreciation Day in Oregon, OH

Transportation Speakers and Entertainers in Oregon, OH

Joshua Lozoff was very entertaining, and we were all amazed! We had so many compliments on his performance, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any audience!

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, The Andersons, Inc. 7/19/2017 review of Joshua Lozoff

Annual Driver's Safety Banquet in Springfield, MO

Matt did a great job. He wrote a song and incorporated some facts I provided him and produced a good reaction from the crowd. The feedback from our teammates regarding the performance was positive as well. The communication, preparation, scheduling, and coordination leading up to the event was seamless. Thank you

Driver's Banquet in Dothan, AL

I will highly recommend Paul Miller to the other Transportation Managers. Great interaction with the crowd. Kept everything moving, and had the entire crowd laughing. He did a great job. One of the best entertainers I have seen in 10 drivers banquets.

Transportation Manager, McLane Dothan 4/11/2015 review of Paul Miller

Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC

David Ferrell was great to work with and he had our folks crying with and holding their sides laughing so much. He did exceed our expectations. Your organization is very professional and we are looking forward to working with you again.

Vendors Relation Committee, Southeast Governmental Fleet Managers Association 9/16/2014 review of David Ferrell

Customer Appreciation in Oregon, OH

Dr. Charles Petty was one of the highlights of our day at our Customer Appreciation Day Event! Our customers and our employees have only had wonderful things to say about Dr. Petty (in fact, one of our customers asked me to provide them with his contact information). Dr. Petty's humor, along with a very impressive motivational presentation were absolutely wonderful. The time that he spent with us was very entertaining and meaningful. I personally connected with Dr. Petty and found him delightful and very easy to work with! I would highly recommend Dr. Petty as a keynote speaker at any event.

Christmas Party in Houston, TX

Lyndy is a very professional and classy guy. Funny, funny, funny! I coordinated our office Christmas party, and had many employees tell me this was the best company Christmas party we've ever had. Would definitely use him again.

Assistant Vice President, Cosco Container Lines Americas, Inc. 12/6/2013 review of Lyndy Phillips

Executives Banquet in Charleston, WV

Greg was great! We couldn't have ended the meeting on a better note!

Member Services Coordinator, West Virginia Trucking Association 8/6/2013 review of Guest Speakers

Customer Appreciation in Oregon, OH

We absolutely enjoyed Lyndy's performance and I have had numerous compliments on our choice of speaker! This was our largest turnout so far, and we had a wonderful day! Thank you so much for helping us out this year.

Administrative Assistant, The Andersons, Inc. 7/17/2013 review of Lyndy Phillips

Driver's Banquet in Jessup, PA

Everyone thought Joshua Lozoff was great.

Transportation Manager, McLane Company 3/23/2013 review of Joshua Lozoff

Driver's Banquet in Dothan, AL

Just a quick note of thanks to David Ferrell for a well done job. The microphone stopped working and the act was still very good. I will recommend David for additional McLane functions.

Transportation Manager, McLane Dothan 3/16/2013 review of David Ferrell

Driver's Banquet in Fredericksburg, VA

Vic was great. The drivers really enjoyed him and he was very funny. I thank you and Vic and I will be talking to you soon about next year's event!!!

Administrative Assistant, McLane Mid Atlantic 3/2/2013 review of Guest Speakers

Conference in Dallas, TX

We truly enjoyed Lyndy. He had the audience laughing the entire time. It was the perfect ending to a long 3 day training workshop.

Senior Program Coordinator, National Transit Institute 10/30/2012 review of Lyndy Phillips

Customer Appreciation in Oregon, OH

David Ferrell did a great job at our event, keeping the comedy clean, hilarious and entertaining! From the stories to the impressions, he ended by pulling it all together with a motivational message. David was a big hit with our group!

Administrative Assistant, The Andersons, Inc. 7/18/2012 review of David Ferrell

Conference in Dallas, TX

Matt did an excellent job and he is very professional. We received great reviews. I will recommend him to others and also use him again if he is available in the future. Thanks!

Manager of Training and Development, Dallas Area Rapid Transit 6/3/2012 review of Guest Speakers

Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA

We thoroughly enjoyed having Matt perform at our annual convention. He was everything we needed and hoped for to conclude a long day. Along with his clean humor and funny impersonations, Matt is one talented musician. He's a complete entertainment package

Executive Director, Virginia Automotive Association 3/31/2012 review of Guest Speakers

Driver's Safety Banquet in Athens, GA

David Ferrell did a great job. The crowd enjoyed his performance. I will recommend him to our other divisions.

Transportation Manager, McLane Southeast 3/10/2012 review of David Ferrell

Annual Safety Awards Banquet in Northfield, MN

Lyndy was a good choice for our event. He tailored his program to have a safety message. It was clean fun.

Transportation Manager, McLane Minnesota 3/10/2012 review of Lyndy Phillips

Driver's Banquet in Fredericksburg, VA

Matt was great and very talented with the music. He did a great job singing the songs - he sounded just like the artist. We would recommend him.

Administrative Assistant, McLane Mid Atlantic 3/3/2012 review of Guest Speakers

Christmas Party in Walnut Creek, OH

We had a wonderful time with Paul Miller! He had the knack of picking certain persons to volunteer that made things even funnier - great facial expressions and the ability to respond immediately with a funny one-liner! I have had very positive feedback from all the employees who thoroughly enjoyed the evening. For those of us planning the evening, he made it complete! I am not sure how we are going to top this for next year.

Office Manager, Mast Trucking, Inc. 12/17/2011 review of Paul Miller

Driver Safety Banquet in Temple, TX

Jerry Carroll related well to the drivers.

Administrative Assistant, McLane Southwest 4/30/2011 review of Jerry Carroll

Driver's Banquet in Dothan, AL

Vic did an oustanding job!

Transportation Manager, McLane Dothan 4/9/2011 review of Guest Speakers

Driver's Safety Banquet in Athens, GA

Matt was a hit. He was very funny. Very talented. Clean jokes which was good. Overall really enjoyed his performance.

Transportation Manager, McLane Southeast 3/12/2011 review of Guest Speakers
A few of the states our Transportation Speakers and Entertainers have recently presented in include: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and others.

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