Entertaining Speakers for Municipal Events

Find speakers, comedians, and entertainers for your next municipal event. Each of these presenters have recent experience at meetings and events for the local government officers, police departments, fire departments, county workers, and much more.

It's Funny Now by Rik Roberts

Dynamic comedy show funny enough to headline comedy clubs across the country and clean enough to bring your grandkids or grandparents to see. It's family-friendly and full of fun, easy to relate to material.

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Customized Keynotes: Funny and Inspiring by Larry Weaver

Motivational, inspirational, and funny presentation. Professional comedian and business leader Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate important concepts such as attitude, motivation, creativity, or a topic of your choosing. The presentation is half stand-up comedy and half content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

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Life is Magic by Joshua Lozoff

Magic, mind-reading, mentalism and mystery! Joshua's show combines his love for the art of magic, and his fascination with psychology, intuition and other "inner workings of the mind."

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The Mayberry Method by Rik Roberts

Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud! Imagine your attendees surprised by America’s Favorite Deputy Barney Fife blowing a whistle as he enters the conference room. Next, he pulls out a few “citations” that he has written up on members of your group. The group belly laughs as the “harmless offenses” are revealed. Once the group is engaged, Rik steps out of character and delivers a speech about 1) Increasing productivity by eliminating distractions, 2) Managing time more effectively, and 3) Setting clearer goals.

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Good, Clean Humor by Larry Weaver

100% clean stand-up comedy performance that is highly professional, culturally sensitive and hilariously funny. As heard on SIRIUS XM Blue Collar Radio and Laugh USA, Larry's humor includes tales of growing up in the country, home remedies, family gatherings, marriage, traveling, trying to eat right, and more.

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Laugh More, Stress Less by Lyndy Phillips

Laugh, learn and reduce stress with this upbeat presentation. Successful organizations know that happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive.

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Juggler’s Mindset™: A Healthy Approach to Work and Play by Paul Miller

Audience members will experience a world-class comedy juggling demonstration intermixed with  step-by-step instructions for skill development. Short bursts of time are provided to allow audience members to stand up and practice at their seat. The kinesthetic experience of tossing and catching paired with with side-by-side partner practice provides a powerful framework for internalizing the valuable lessons.

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Juggling, Magic, and Humor by Paul Miller

Enjoy a truly refreshing and interactive comedy performance that happens as much off stage as it does on. Paul’s inviting demeanor and quick wit keeps audience interactions, and the laughs, rolling. Experience one-of-a-kind, never-happen-again moments as balls get tossed, balloons get blown, and magic takes your breath away. This performance is as much comedy show as it is a team building party.

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Clean Humor and Impressions by David Ferrell

100% clean stand-up comedy show suitable for all ages and backgrounds. Plus, David is happy to customize his performance with jokes about your company or organization.

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Greg Romeo

Greg's greatest strength is his ability to customize his show for each audience. He works closely with you to gather information about your company or organization as well as key individuals within your group and turns the material into a hilarious, interactive performance!

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Upcoming Schedule

3/7/2018New Bern, NCAnnual Convention with David Ferrell
3/15/2018Ocean City, MDAnnual Conference with Joshua Lozoff

Recent Reviews

Annual Conference in Louisville, KY

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Louisville, KY

The feedback that we received on Rik Roberts was overwhelmingly positive. Our large group appreciated his clean humor. When in Louisville it’s hard to compete with 4th Street Live entertainment. However, Rik managed to keep everyone in their seats during the hour long performance. It was a pleasure working with him and we look forward to working with Rik again in the future.

Executive Assistant, Kentucky Association of Counties 11/9/2017 review of Rik Roberts

Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Larry brought a new dimension to our annual meeting this year and the response was overwhelmingly positive. His creative, down-home humor resonated with our audience, and he blended it with a motivational message that each person could take with them to their workplace and personal lives. He was very thorough in preparing for this event, researching the audience in advance and talking through logistics and expectations with us to ensure a great result.

Assistant Commissioner, South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Association 10/20/2017 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Conference in Biloxi, MS

Joshua Lozoff did an outstanding job as the Closing Ceremony speaker for our 2017 MAGPPA Conference and Vendor Show. Besides his mind-blowing magic, he kept our delegates thoroughly entertained. I would highly recommend Joshua to any organization for their events.

Conference Chair, Mississippi Association of Governmental Purchasing/Property Agents 10/18/2017 review of Joshua Lozoff

Employee Training Day in Manhattan, KS

Rik Roberts presented to our group the "Mayberry Method". He was very well received by all level of employees. Not one person, in the audience of 190, lost interest during the 90 minutes he "entertained" and educated our group. We even had an added bonus of unexpected interaction of an official Kansas Highway Patrol Officer that assisted in his great message of how to react/respond when in an unusual or difficult situation. Many employees have requested to have him back again!

Human Resource Manager, Riley County Clerk's Office 10/9/2017 review of Rik Roberts

Employee Training Day in Salina, KS

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Salina, KS

Larry Weaver’s performance for our annual employee in-service training day was described by some of our employees as 'GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!' and 'Best speaker we have had'. He provided a very organized, professional and detailed booking process upon contact and he left no questions unanswered. Thank you Larry for making our event a success!

Human Resource Director, Saline County Human Resource Division 10/9/2017 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Conference in Biloxi, MS

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Biloxi, MS

When our entertainment committee started planning our annual conference, I encouraged them to look for different ideas for our 'Get-Away meeting'. We usually have some type of motivational speaker but I wanted something that people would remember. Larry Weaver was the best choice we could have made. He kept everyone laughing and thoroughly entertained and was the hit of the conference. I would highly recommend Larry and his clean brand of comedy for your event.

President, Mississippi Association of Governmental Purchasing and Property Agents 10/21/2015 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Conference in Allen, TX

The Texas Court Clerks Association kicked off its annual conference with a roar of laughter! Lyndy opened our conference in such a wonderful way with huge smiles and lots of laughter. I can tell you that our jobs are stressful each and every day and to take an hour or two setting everyone up to laugh was the best money we ever spent. Thank you for filling our cups to overflowing with laughter!

President, Texas Court Clerks Association 10/12/2015 review of Lyndy Phillips

Spring Conference in Savannah, GA

Joshua Lozoff performed for our GLGPA Spring Conference and WOW!!! I really wasn't sure what to expect, but was overwhelmingly pleased and amazed by his talent. All in attendance were thoroughly entertained and raved about his performance. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for great entertainment!

Board Member, Georgia Local Government Personnel Association 6/11/2015 review of Joshua Lozoff

Annual Conference in Biloxi, MS

Larry Weaver's performance was great. I have received nothing but positive feedback. It was a pleasure working with you, and I will be in touch again in the future. Thanks again.

Regional Project Coordinator, Mississippi Association of Planning and Development Districts 4/23/2015 review of Larry Weaver

Annual Conference in Virginia Beach, VA

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Virginia Beach, VA

Paul Miller did a great job of incorporating the theme of our conference into his routine.

Conference Planner, Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators 11/6/2014 review of Paul Miller

President's Reception in Myrtle Beach, SC

This is the first time our convention has ever done anything other than a DJ for entertaining our members. Larry Weaver was awesome and the folks I interacted with afterwards greatly enjoyed his performance.

President, South Carolina Association of Government Purchasing Officials 11/5/2014 review of Larry Weaver

Conference Banquet in Greensboro, NC

Municipal Speakers and Entertainers in Greensboro, NC

Paul Miller exceeded our expectations at our Awards Banquet for Emergency Medicine Today '14. Paul arrived promptly, and was very focused on his performance. While everyone was eating supper, Paul was roaming around meeting people, pretending to be part of the hotel staff, and finding people that would be good sports as a part of his performance. He interacted extremely well with the audience, and feedback has been phenomenal from attendees on his act.

Conference Planner, Emergency Management Today 10/7/2014 review of Paul Miller

City employees Retirement banquet in Rock Hill, SC

We were very pleased with David Ferrell. He was funny, clean and very professional. I would definitely recommend him to other groups.

Personnel Supevisor, City of Rock Hill 6/26/2014 review of David Ferrell

58th CAGP Conference and Vendor Expo in Sunset Beach, NC

I had nothing but good reports on Joshua Lozoff's show. Everyone had a great time.

Convention Chair, Carolinas Association of Governmental Purchasing 2/23/2014 review of Joshua Lozoff

Christmas Banquet in Fort Mill, SC

Larry Weaver is very easy to work with. Even though we had a small crowd, he was fantastic in getting audience participation and making people laugh. We would highly recommend him to others.

Deputy Chief, Flint Hill Fire Department 12/21/2013 review of Larry Weaver

Christmas Party in Oak City, NC

Everyone is still talking about Joshua Lozoff's performance and his mind blowing magic. And my kids have been trying to make everything disappear since the show LOL. Great show for all ages.

Captain, Oak City Fire Department 12/9/2013 review of Joshua Lozoff

Annual Christmas Party in Lake Orion, MI

Matt is delightful! Everyone enjoyed his performance and truly appreciated his wit and humor! I'm all ready looking for events to invite him to in the future. Thank you for your responsible representation of this clean comedian.

Clerk, Oakland County Clerks Association 12/4/2013 review of Guest Speakers

Annual Conference in Biloxi, MS

Matt was Great!! The audience loved him and gave him great reviews on our conference evaluation form: 'Great performance by Matt!' - 'Matt was awesome, best closing session ever!' - 'Loved the musical entertainment by Matt!'

Conference Planner, Mississippi Association of Planning and Development Districts 4/25/2013 review of Guest Speakers

Conference and Vendor Expo in Greenville, NC

Larry Weaver was enjoyed by all. I have never heard that much laughter from our group. From start to finish there was never a dead spot. Feel free to use me as a referral. Great preformance!!!

Convention Chair, Carolinas Association of Governmental Purchasing 3/3/2013 review of Larry Weaver

Farmer Appreciation Dinner in Wilson, NC

Larry Weaver was very good to work with and easy to contact. He arrived in plenty of time to view the staging area and mingle with the crowd beforehand. We enjoyed his entire act of comedy, guitar playing and interacting with the audience! Pleasant experience all around.

Director, Wilson Soil & Water Conservation District 1/24/2013 review of Larry Weaver

Christmas party in Reidsville, NC

Joshua Lozoff did a fabulous job! His performance was magical, funny and very entertaining. Everyone had a great time! Thanks so much!

Christmas party in Oak City, NC

Paul Miller did an outstanding job. He was prompt, professional, and great for all ages.

Captain, Oak City Fire Department 12/10/2012 review of Paul Miller

Annual Conference in Annapolis, MD

David Ferrell was great and I have received a lot of positive feedback about his performance .

President, Maryland Children's Alliance 10/24/2012 review of David Ferrell

Emergency Medicine Today Banquet in Greensboro, NC

David Ferrell was not only extremely funny, but his presentation was clean and respectful. It takes a unique talent to deliver a very funny performance without resorting to derogatory language or innuendos. This year's conference was one of the best ever, and David played a huge role in making it such a success. I highly recommend his talents to anyone seeking a comedian.

Chief, NC Office of Emergency Medical Services 10/9/2012 review of David Ferrell
A few of the states our Municipal Speakers and Entertainers have recently presented in include: Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and others.

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