Climbing the Ladder of Success and Taking Your Family with You by Dr. Charles Petty

About the Presentation

Hilarious insights on work-life balance and how to take care of family while taking care of business. Perfect for all groups and especially when guests/spouses are in the audience.

Dr. Petty will:

(1) help audiences understand the impact of family relationships upon job performance,

(2) share some principles that help achieve success in balancing one’s job and family, and

(3) motivate people to put these principles into practice.

Sample Outline

Diversity of Families in America

Universal Factors Complicating the Climb

  • Marriage/Singleness
  • Children/Grandchildren
  • Age

Impact of Career and Family Success Upon Each Other

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Satisfaction

Principles Which Help Insure Success at Work and Home

  • Time (Quality & Quantity)
  • Warm Words
  • Thoughtful Actions
  • Touch
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Facts/Feelings
  • Communication (Verbal & Non-verbal)
  • Exclusion (Parents/In-laws, Children, Neighbors)
  • Forgiveness
  • Faithfulness
  • Priorities
  • Relationships vs Things
  • Honesty
  • Oneness
  • Commitment (Person, Institution, Permanent)
  • Initiative
  • Love

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Savers Marketing

"We had Dr. Charles Petty back this year for an encore performance. Once again, Dr. Petty did a great presentation for our group. He tailored his comments to the attendees and everyone enjoyed and appreciated his comments."

Executive Vice President, Training Event (Winston-Salem, NC) 9/5/2018

Savers Marketing

"Dr. Petty did a great job. The audience was totally captivated by his humor and the message that he delivered."

Executive Vice President, Annual Training Event (Winston-Salem, NC) 9/6/2017

Texas Rural Education Association

"Dr. Petty was a hit with our crowd. He geared his presentation to our audience which included students ,teachers, parents and school administrators. He was perfect for that event. He certainly has my recommendation for anyone looking for high level entertainment with a positive message."

Executive Director, Summer Conference (Fort Worth, TX) 6/23/2017

SciMax Solutions

"Everything with Dr. Charles Petty went very well. Our clients really enjoyed him and his presentation. I would definitely recommend him, and will also be in touch with you on future needs."

Team Leader, Annual Learning Seminar (Des Moines, IA) 2/5/2016

Sioux County Dairy Board Promotion

"Dr. Charles Petty met our expectations. He did an exceptional job of communicating with me prior to the event. He told me after the event that the crowd was younger than he had expected and that was somewhat evident in the feedback that I got too. He was good for everyone but the older audience members seemed to like him more, they thought he was great! The younger of the crowd thought he was still good, but didn't enjoy him as much. His material was appropriate."

Board Treasurer, Annual Meeting (Sioux Center, IA) 6/15/2015

North Carolina Potato Association

 Speakers and Entertainers in Elizabeth City, NC

"Dr. Petty did a great job of entertaining the crowd. He was prompt, professional, humorous and motivational. I've heard great comments on his performance from several that attended. You did a great job of helping us! Thank you!"

Executive Director, Annual Meeting (Elizabeth City, NC) 5/18/2015

United Bank

"Dr. Petty did an outstanding job. He took the time with us beforehand to understand the event and audience and tailored the material to them perfectly."

VP Marketing & Business Development, Agriculture Appreciation luncheon (Atmore, AL) 2/5/2015

Florida Agricultural Aviation Association

"Dr. Petty was perfect for our group! He was very professional, on time and available to chat with our attendees. His family oriented message was spot on for our aerial applicators; humorous and inspirational. I don't think I have ever heard them laugh as much as they did Tuesday evening. He set the stage for a spirited auction and raffle that followed his presentation. Comments from our group were very positive. One attendee wanted the contact information. He thought he might be perfect for an upcoming meeting. Personally, I was extremely pleased! Thank you so much!"

Executive Director, 40th Annual Southeast AeroCultural Fair (Savannah, GA) 2/3/2015

Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc.

"We were very pleased with Charles Petty!!! He was wonderful."

Executive Assistant, Annual Meeting (Decatur, AL) 2/26/2014

Tennessee Association of Fairs

"I can't say enough nice things about Charles Petty. He was a pleasure to work with and the crowd loved him."

VP Middle TN Division, Annual Convention (Nashville, TN) 1/17/2014

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