Juggling Wellness: A Healthy Approach to Work and Play by Paul Miller

About the Presentation

Wellness is much more than exercising, counting calories, and reducing stress. It’s about bringing into balance the many aspects of personal and professional life so that you are energized and empowered to be a more healthy and effective individual. This presentation challenges audience members to go beyond the juggling metaphors and actively engage in learning a new skill.

Audience members will experience a world-class comedy juggling demonstration intermixed with  step-by-step instructions for skill development. Short bursts of time are provided to allow audience members to stand up and practice at their seat. The kinesthetic experience of tossing and catching paired with with side-by-side partner practice provides a powerful framework for internalizing the valuable lessons.

Audience members will learn how juggling and other skill based play strengthens and develops whole person well-being including:

  • Physical: Breaking up long hours at a desk with low intensity activity increases brain function and reduces the negative effects of a sedentary workplace experience.
  • Intellectual: Practicing problem solving strengthens one’s ability to focus attention and provides transferable skills to other areas for personal and professional growth.
  • Emotional: Juggling literally exists between keeping everything up in the air and dropping the ball. Gaining practice failing develops your ability to redefine stress.
  • Social: Playing and laughing with others is more than just fun and games. It has physiological benefits for the individual and strengthens connections between team members.

Juggling Wellness is part performance, part audience team-building, and part motivational talk. Regardless of age, ability, or seating arrangement, everyone is guaranteed to leave with tools and lessons they can implement right away.

The perfect presentation to:

  • Kick-off a conference with an active, playful energy
  • Energize audiences after lunch creating an engaged afternoon of learning
  • Ignite competitive spirit among sales team members that continues long after the talk
  • Wrap-up the conference with a motivating message for attendees to approach the next challenge with the confidence and poise of a world class juggler

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Paul Miller at Charter Communications Department Meeting in Cary, NC
Paul Miller at Accessories Resource Team Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ
Paul Miller at NC Farm Bureau Support Services Corp Customer Service Conference in Durham, NC
Paul Miller at Newbridge Bank Corp Employee Appreciation Day in Greensboro, NC
Paul Miller at National Wildlife Control Operators Association Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA
Paul Miller at Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators Annual Conference in Virginia Beach, VA

Recent Reviews

Charter Communications

Paul Miller was great and a wonderful add to our program. Thank you!

VP, Compensation, Department Meeting (Cary, NC) 6/21/2017

Accessories Resource Team

What a fun performance! Paul entertained us and got our group actively involved in learning to juggle while reminding us of the juggling act we perform daily peppered with tidbits of wisdom. He was a pleasure to work with and his professionalism was appreciated.

Executive Director, Annual Conference (Scottsdale, AZ) 5/20/2017

NC Farm Bureau Support Services Corp

Paul Miller was a very energetic and entertaining performer who brought everyday relevance to his juggling act.

Director, Customer Service Conference (Durham, NC) 4/18/2017

Newbridge Bank Corp

We loved Paul Miller! He not only did a great job as per our expectations of his official 'Act' but he was able to truly 'go with the flow' as we did have some technical issues along the way. He just went with it and our crowd loved him. Such a great demeanor and fun. I will highly recommend him and hope that we might have opportunity to hire him again.

Client Hospitality Manager, Employee Appreciation Day (Greensboro, NC) 10/12/2015

National Wildlife Control Operators Association

Our state association was delighted with the performance Paul Miller gave to the leaders, business owners and managers at a dinner reception at our State Technical Meeting. Paul's routine "Juggling Strong Leaders" caught my eye when searching for a performer through Larry Weaver. I couldn't have found a better comedian to deliver a funny, but still meaningful message about leadership and team building to our audience. Paul was prepared and polished and gave a fun and engaging performance. He was responsive and timely in every aspect from planning to performance. Several of my attendees rushed up to Paul after his performance to inquire about booking him for their own company events!

Associate Director, Annual Meeting (Richmond, VA) 9/26/2015

Comporium, Inc.

Paul Miller was so professional and approachable. His rapport with our family members was immediate and genuine. Our group ages from age 90 to age 6, and amazingly, he connected with everyone! Paul had been asked to communicate a message that emphasized the importance of communication and living up to your potential. He did both via his magic, juggling and his lighthearted antics. The message was strong and clear, but like most good teachers, you hardly realized you were learning because it was so fun. Having Paul do a presentation was a big departure from our normally serious 'business-focused' meeting. Our most skeptical attendee approached me after the afternoon and told me that it was brilliant and suggested we hire Paul for the Company Christmas Party! In closing, we will look for an opportunity to utilize Paul again within our organization, and thank you very much for making him available to us.

Director of Shareholder Services, Family Council Meeting (Rock Hill, SC) 5/16/2015

Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators

Paul Miller did a great job of incorporating the theme of our conference into his routine.

Conference Planner, Annual Conference (Virginia Beach, VA) 11/6/2014

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