You Are a V.I.P. T.E.A.M. by Lyndy Phillips

About the Presentation

Discover how your group can be a mountain moving team! In this entertaining and fun presentation, Lyndy brings a fresh look at how groups can come together as a team and accomplish great things.

He looks at how personal value, influence, and purpose play a vital role in teamwork and the three key ingredients to mountain moving teamwork. For your next appreciation event, Lyndy will have your group laughing and discovering:

  • Where personal worth really comes from
  • Why comparing ourselves to others devalues our own worth
  • Where personal influence & purpose come from
  • The power of personal influence & purpose
  • The three key ingredients of mountain moving teamwork

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Financial Benefit Services, LLC

"We invited Lyndy to present at our annual Sales Conference and was a huge hit with my employees. He kept everyone entertained and engaged through his presentation. The laughter and energy in the room was much needed. Would highly recommend Lyndy for any group."

President, Sales Convention (Durant, OK) 1/10/2017

Accessories Resource Team

 Speakers and Entertainers in New Orleans, LA

"Lyndy is a terrific speaker and entertainer. He had our audience roaring with laughter. His presentation was a great way to end our conference."

Executive Director, Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) 5/21/2016

Texas Municipal Human Resources Association

"This was an awesome program. The planning committee heard nothing but excellent feedback regarding Lyndy's performance. We would highly recommend him to any group that is looking for a keynote speaker."

Board of Directors, Annual Conference (Fort Worth, TX) 5/4/2016

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