Eat, Laugh, Be Amazed by Lyndy Phillips

About the Presentation

100% clean comedy entertainment that breaks the ice, grabs the audience's attention, and brings people together for a successful event. This show will delight audiences of all ages and make any event fun and memorable. 

Lyndy is an expert at bringing people together with laughter. You get amazing and amusing entertainment without the worry of offensive humor or profanity.

After a great meeting, conference, or convention, your group will be ready to relax, laugh, and be entertained. Or for your annual luncheon/banquet, your group will enjoy Lyndy's impromptu humor as he performs mind-boggling sleight of hand with a twist of humor. With Lyndy, your group will:

  • Laugh out loud, be amazed, and leave happy.
  • Join Lyndy onstage and become stars of the show.
  • Be entertained and make memories.

From parasailing behind a '69 Ford pickup (yes, you read that right) to raising kids, Lyndy tells some of the funniest stories that are both true and well... just plain funny. Listen and laugh at how Lyndy was snake-bit by a chair, quoted the wrong verse when trying to impress the girls, and many, many more.

No big illusions. No big stage. No complicated riders. Just simple sleight of hand with everyday objects that will astonish a crowd of 15 to 1500. Get ready to laugh and be amazed as Lyndy does the impossible with money, cards, ropes, eggs, balloons, and more. Your group will go on a humorous magical journey that begins with a silver dollar he’s owned since 1974 and continues with objects vanishing, re-appearing, cut and restored, multiplied, transformed, and more. Being a one-man show, Lyndy relies on members of the audience to assist him with his sleight of hand and illusions. Your group will laugh-out-loud as their peers join Lyndy onstage and become stars of the show, leaving everyone with memories that last a lifetime.

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Quality Structures Inc.

 Speakers and Entertainers in Lawrence, KS

"Lyndy was great. Very engaging, extremely funny. He was a definite hit with the QSI family. Thanks for helping us have a memorable evening."

Owner, Employee Appreciation Event (Lawrence, KS) 1/21/2017

Associated General Contractors of Texas

 Speakers and Entertainers in Houston, TX

"Lyndy is someone that makes you feel good about yourself."

Consultant, Christmas Luncheon (Houston, TX) 12/8/2016

Texas National Bank

"Lyndy was wonderful. Everybody said they really enjoyed him. Most years people don’t pay attention — they're off making noise, etc. But this year they focused on Lyndy. Excellent job."

Vice President, Company Christmas Party (Jacksonville, TX) 12/3/2016

Oklahoma Association of School Business Officials

"We thought Lyndy was great."

Executive Director, Fall Conference (Midwest City, OK) 10/12/2016

Prairie Health Ventures

"Lyndy definitely exceeded my expectations. He is so personable and professional. I had a number of people come up to me after the performance, and even the next day, saying how much they enjoyed his act and that he was the best entertainer we’ve had in our 21 year history of hosting this event. He’s very accommodating and doesn’t have a lot of demands – so easy to work with. This was also our CEO’s birthday and he added to the fun of the evening. I would recommend Lyndy to anyone, any time – without reservation."

Director, Acute Care Services, Annual Meeting (Nebraska City, NE) 7/28/2016

Texas Rural Education Association

"Lyndy was a real hit with our audience. He took our conference theme and knowledge of our audience and provided a quality evening of entertainment. Present were 21 student scholarship winners, their families, school board members and educators. Lyndy was great! He had the audience laughing until they cried with his mix of humor and magic tricks. In addition, his presentation carried a message regarding stress reduction that was right on target for all of us. His humor was very appropriate for the audience. People were commenting the next day about how much they laughed and how much they enjoyed the evening."

Executive Director, Summer Conference (Fort Worth, TX) 6/24/2016

D&S Community Services

"Lyndy provided a great kickoff to our Nurses Week Celebration and Training Conference! After vacillating between the beginning of conference vs. the end, beginning was definitely the right choice. The laughter set the tone for the remainder of the conference."

Director, Health Services, Nurses Week Celebration (Dallas, TX) 5/5/2016

The First State Bank

 Speakers and Entertainers in Wharton, TX

"The program Lyndy did was fabulous. Our entire Team really enjoyed it. His style and presentation really got everyone's attention and kept them engaged throughout. The message was perfect as well! Thank you Lyndy for being with us!"

President, Employee Meeting (Wharton, TX) 4/19/2016


"We had Lyndy deliver the keynote address for our corporate retreat and he was truly exceptional! He had the audience engaged from the moment he stepped on to the stage and had everyone laughing hysterically in no time. Lyndy is a world class magician, comedian and a motivational speaker and his talk was every bit memorable."

Principal Architect, Corporate Retreat (Dallas, TX) 4/8/2016

Oakland City University

"We LOVED Lyndy! He met AND exceeded our expectations! I will say unequivocally, he was the funniest we have ever had in the past eight years of having this event! The crowd loved him and I have received several comments this morning as I came in the building to work about how great he was! He was there plenty early to get himself all set up, was very professional in every way. His joyful personality came through in every aspect. He connected with the audience - and the people he called to the stage were just the perfect ones to bring a belly laugh to the audience!! Who doesn't like to see the Dean of a school be made fun of in a good way!! His material was fresh. His introduction by the George Bush look-a-like was hilarious, as well! The audience has given nothing but positive feedback that evening as well as today!"

Executive Assistant to the President, Employee Appreciation Event (Evansville, IN) 4/1/2016

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals

"Lyndy was fabulous! We really enjoyed him. He had everyone in stiches the entire program. He got there early to set up and then socialized with the audience during dinner. He has some big fans at HFTP now! I hope we can book Lyndy again in the future and will recommended him to anyone."

President, North Texas Chapter Meeting (Grapevine, TX) 2/18/2016


"Lyndy was incredibly entertaining and engaging at our corporate retreat. I would HIGHLY recommend his services!"

Regional Director, Event Sales, Event Sales Director Meeting (Dallas, TX) 2/11/2016

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