Comedian Robert G. Lee - Clean Humor

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Robert has a wide arsenal of material at his disposal. He does voices and impressions. He has set pieces but can adlib for days. He’s the king of call-backs.

When audiences watch the lighting-fast mind and rapid-fire delivery, they begin to understand what Hollywood Producers and stars like Norman Lear and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have known for almost 30 years; this guy’s really funny. He keeps it clean. He has fun with, but never makes fun of his audience. He’s got a rubber face made for exaggeration. He actually gets funnier as the night goes on.

His fresh take on the human condition revolves around universal subjects like marriage, kids, growing old and society’s quirks without ever feeling cliched or tired.

As the consummate professional, you can hand Robert emcee duties, an awards ceremony, an auction or just bring him in for a top notch comedy presentation your entire company can enjoy and he’ll deliver.

Because, oh, yeah, he’s really funny.

Recent Reviews

Cuming County Feeders Association

"Robert did an outstanding job. He promised a clean and funny show, and was able to entertain a large crowd in very large room. Robert came prepared with humorous educational material related to our industry and included in his act."
- President, CCFA Annual Banquet in West Point, NE

Analog Way Inc.

"Robert did a great job of researching our company and the crowd that would be gathered, and came up with original material that was funny and non-controversial. I was nervous about having a comedian for a corporate event given how easily people are offended these days, but Robert was a complete professional, quick witted, and kind hearted with his humor. Everyone enjoyed it, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for other events"
- Regional Sales Manager, VIP Event in Brasleton, GA

Prairie Health Ventures

"Robert was just the best. We have a door prize drawing event that can last upwards of 45 minutes and I had asked Robert if he would help me drawing names etc. He couldn’t have been more gracious – or funny! The attendees just loved his spontaneous wit and ad libbing. He “got” the audience right away and just ran with it. I was told that if he had stopped after the door prizes people would have been OK with that, he was so funny. But then he forged ahead and did his hour routine which was right on point. Very very funny man and a pleasure to work with."
- Director, Acute Care Services, CEO Retreat in Nebraska City, NE

Cinergy Financial

"I would highly recommend that anyone having a party or event hire a comedian. Our guests loved the idea, and really enjoyed Robert G Lee. He was a great hit."
- Receptionist, Christmas Client Meeting in Tustin, CA

Whole Foods
Home Depot
3M Company
Procter and Gamble

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