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Strengthen team building through laughter and improvisation. Learn the benefits of laughter and explore how to better listen to customer, co-workers and clients. You will be on your feet practicing active listening exercises. These methods will change the way you go about “hearing” what your customers have to say.

Did you know that laughter is a key component to success? In both the workplace and at home, a good laugh goes a long way. Laughter causes oxygen levels in the blood increase. And your brain becomes fully engaged!

In the first part of the program Rik will share stats and stories of the benefits of laughter. And then, deliver a little stand-up comedy to prove it.

The second phase of the program is designed to explore how we can better “LISTEN” to customers, co-workers and clients. Too often, we listen just waiting to interrupt with our answers and show off what we know. Ideally, we should be LISTENING TO HEAR instead of LISTENING TO RESPOND.

Rik has a background in both Improvisational comedy and professional speaking. This makes for a program that is both informative and hilarious. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can listen and be ready to put that to use right away!

Accept. Commit. Explore. Team Building Through Improvisation

The A.C.E. approach to improvisation is to create unity by following a simple formula: Accept, Commit, Explore. This workshop is an excellent experience for leadership retreats, newly merged companies and groups looking to streamline their creative process. It’s a fun and focused way to introduce individuals into group thinking and team dynamics. You’ll get out of your seat and gain hands on training in active listening, agreement and trusting your instincts.

Acceptance starts by saying YES. When negativity starts the conversation, the discussion is over. Simply by practicing agreement, your group will then be able to take the next steps in developing a product or solving a problem.

Commitment to the team and the process is fundamental in collaboration. Allowing various members to step into the role of leader when necessary grooms them for success. Stepping back and allowing others to take charge is also a skill. Improvisational exercises will teach your members to share the spotlight and always shine it back on the shared goal.

Exploration is the fruitful reward of agreement and commitment. True fun lies in seeing where you can take the idea. No suggestion is too outrageous. With boundaries pushed to the edge, your group will be able to explore all possibilities and use newly found combinations to arrive at exciting solutions. These team building improvisational exercises are as fun as they are useful. We’ll reinforce the three steps in a variety of ways until the response is automatic and the team members are working in true unison for a common goal.

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