Speaker Charles Petty - Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers Or Cold Ashes?

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This motivational presentation focuses on the importance of maintaining energy and purpose in one’s life and work, and suggests some ways to achieve and maintain a healthy productivity. Helps managers, sales people and employees to "keep the fires going."

Some people have an enthusiasm for life, family and work. Others just go through the motions, dislike what they do, or constantly look for a new job or relationship.

Sample Outline

Indicators of a Roaring Fire or Cold Ash

Stress Points Which Diminish Production, Creativity and Satisfaction

  • Career
  • Family
  • Life Styles
  • Values

The Key to Success: Taking Care of Yourself

  • Physical Health
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Rest
    • Recreation
  • Emotional Health
    • Constructive/destructive emotions
    • Impact of emotions upon performance
    • Balancing facts and feelings
  • Intellectual Health
    • Continuing education
    • Knowledge vs information
    • Utilizing knowledge to meet needs
  • Relational/Family Health
    • Diversity of families in America
    • Universal factors complicating the balancing act
    • Impact of career and family upon each other
    • Principles which help insure success at work and home
  • Spiritual Health (Dreams, Hopes, etc.)
    • Result of lost vision
      • dropout (physically and/or emotionally)
      • burnout
      • cynicism
    • Death cycle of dreams/organizations
      • dream is born
      • beliefs about dream
      • organize to achieve it
      • evolve into institution (decline begins)
      • nostalgia
      • blame
      • dropout (physically or emotionally)
    • How to recapture the dream and regain energy


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3M Company
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