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Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions In The Bud! Imagine your attendees surprised by America’s Favorite Deputy Barney Fife blowing a whistle as he enters the conference room. Next, he pulls out a few “citations” that he has written up on members of your group. The group belly laughs as the “harmless offenses” are revealed. Once the group is engaged, Rik steps out of character and delivers a speech about 1) Increasing productivity by eliminating distractions, 2) Managing time more effectively, and 3) Setting clearer goals.

It’s an upbeat and unique speech that is easy to relate to and remember. And you don’t have to be a Mayberry fan to play along. Rik relates various points through a combination of current events, historical examples, teachable moments and humor. We all know that laughter tied to a fact or story makes an impact and improves retention of the message. Rik makes a point to make every message as fun as it is informative. It can absolutely be customized for your group. Speech ranges from 30-120 minutes depending upon your needs. The Mayberry Method is a very fun motivational speech designed to teach specific ways to increase your productivity. He uses examples from the Andy Griffith Show to help drive points home. The typical 50-60 minute speech includes 3 of the following topics:

  • Deputizing Others | Delegating Authority
  • Nip it in the Bud | Keep Small Problems Small
  • Don’t be a Goober | Time Management Strategies
  • Who is your Ernest T? | Dealing with Distractions
  • Call the Man | Customer Relationship Building
  • Keep your Bullet in your Pocket | Think Before you Speak

Detailed descriptions of topics:

Keeping small problems small (Nip it in the Bud)

Using recent examples of poorly managed situations such as the Costa Concordia cruise disaster, Toyota Recall and BP oil spill, we’ll explore what should have been done to make these problems more manageable. Managing a crisis, no matter how big or small, starts with being prepared for it in the first place.

Delegating Authority (Deputizing Others)

Getting more productivity out of your day is a constant challenge. Learn the pros and cons of delegating authority. Know when it is a good idea and when to avoid it. Who can you trust? When should you train them? What if they do it differently than you? Who is responsible for their successes and failures? We’ll discuss all if this so you choose wisely.

Dealing with Distractions (Whose your Ernest T?)

Interruptions come in many forms. From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Google Plus our days are bombarded with messages. It could be a coworker or even your boss that is keeping you from focusing on the task at hand. We’ll learn quick and easy ways to “Defend Your Day” and train others around you to respect your “zone time”.

Think Before you Speak (Keep your bullet in your pocket)

Patience and tact are great tools when handling a situation. A lack of these two can lead to undue confrontation and possible job loss. We’ll learn from recent sports figures what happens when you either avoid or learn from your mistakes.

Time Management (Don’t Be A Goober)

We all know that what you do with your time is more important than how much time you have. Putting that thought into action takes a plan. We’ll devise a few simple ways to get more productive and intentional with our work day.

Customer Service (Call the Man)

Building goodwill toward customers requires attention to detail and exceptional listening skills. We will discuss how to recognize opportunities before they present themselves. We’ll explore how to regain a customer for life when they have gone to a competitor. In short, we will create actionable tasks to help us become incredible customer service providers. If you would like a topic covered … just mention it. Rik is constantly developing new segments to make this a presentation that accomplishes the needs of the client.

Recent Reviews

 Speakers and Entertainers in Myrtle Beach, SC
North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association

"Rik was fabulous! He kept our audience engaged and laughing. It was clean fun and informative. We’d definitely hire him again."
- Director of Membership, Summer Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC

Rural Water Association of Utah

"Rik was a pleasure to work with and made some very valuable points in his session. Our attendees loved his humor and the information he shared."
- Event Planner, Annual Conference in St. George, UT

Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities

"Rik was the perfect choice for our conference. He delivered a strong message with lots of humor. Conference attendees couldn’t stop raving about his presentation. As a keynote he kicked off our event on a high note. We will definitely invite him back in the future."
- Conference Planner, Annual Conference in Roanoke, WV

 Speakers and Entertainers in Bowling Green, KY
Kentucky Broadcasters Association, Inc.

"Our association had a great time with Rik. His Mayberry Method of Customer Service Presentation is both educational and fun! His use of the element of surprise, quick wittedness and good clean humor is a true asset in the industry. Rik is charming, engaging and fun! Our audience loved him!"
- Director of Member Services, Annual Conference in Bowling Green, KY

Collierville Chamber of Commerce

"Rik offers the perfect combination of education and entertainment. As the keynote speaker for our Chamber's general membership luncheon, Rik began by engaged the audience with his dead-on imperination of Deputy Barney Fife. After some interactive fun with a few key business and community leaders in the room, he segwayed into a fantastic presentation about eliminating distractions in the workplace through the "Mayberry Method". The audience loved him, and everyone left with takeaways that can be easily implemented to increase productivity in any organization. Rik was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him!"
- President/CEO, Membership Luncheon in Germantown, TN

 Speakers and Entertainers in Nashville, TN
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

"We had Rik come in to present Game Winning Drive to our annual agency off site meeting. Rik really honed in on issues such as team work, unity, accountability, and owning your mistakes. He did it in a judgment-free way that gave us take-aways and connecting points we can take back to our home offices and apply. It was extremely well done, very professional and with plenty of laughs. Rik hit the nail on the head, and managed to not ruffle any feathers. He is an expert at people and it shows. I highly recommend him if you have similar event where you need to tune up your leadership, accountability and communication skills."
- Special Assistant, Management Conference in Nashville, TN

 Speakers and Entertainers in Auburn, AL
National Center for Asphalt Technology

"Rik was exactly what our conference needed after two solid days of technical presentations and site tours. His "Mayberry Method" presentation had the right balance of information/strategies to combat wasteful work habits well blended with his wonderful sense of humor. Everyone had a great time with some great takeaways from his performance. He was an absolute professional and great to work with!"
- Professor, Test Track Conference in Auburn, AL

Riley County Clerk's Office

"Rik presented to our group the "Mayberry Method". He was very well received by all level of employees. Not one person, in the audience of 190, lost interest during the 90 minutes he "entertained" and educated our group. We even had an added bonus of unexpected interaction of an official Kansas Highway Patrol Officer that assisted in his great message of how to react/respond when in an unusual or difficult situation. Many employees have requested to have him back again!"
- Human Resource Manager, Employee Training Day in Manhattan, KS


"Rik (aka Barney Fife) spoke for CML USA, Inc. at our International Sales Meeting. We had representatives from Italy, Canada, Portugal and the U.S. After a full day of being served very technical information, our representatives enjoyed being able to relax and enjoy his performance. Rik's business message was clear and on point, and his very entertaining comedy routine had everyone in stitches from beginning to end. We wanted something light and entertaining yet informative for our sales professionals. From fun "citations" a the beginning to allowing photos to be taken with Barney, Rik Roberts provided exactly what we were looking for!"
- Graphic Design & Marketing, Ercolina International Sales Meeting in Davenport, IA

Missouri Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies

"I'd like to express our sincere appreciation to Rik for a job well done at our annual Mid-Year Conference. His portrayal of Barney Fife was "right on" and was very funny with some real life lessons to be learned by those in attendance. I've heard nothing but positive remarks regarding his presentation from our attendees."
- President, Mid-Year Conference in Blue Springs, MO

Macon County School System

"Rik was great. He arrived very promptly and his presentations was exactly what I had hoped it would be. He was entertaining, but with a message. Immediately after the session I had several faculty members come to me and let me know how much they enjoyed the day."
- Supervisor of Instruction, County-Wide Inservice Day in Lafayette, TN

TriGreen Equipment

"Rik was very professional and well prepared. He was able to customize the presentation to our specific needs. He made the planning process very easy."
- Marketing Director, Customer Service Expo in Athens, AL

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