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Laugh, learn and reduce stress with this upbeat presentation. Successful organizations know that happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive.

Give your group a vacation without leaving their seats. Lyndy's 100% clean humor, funny PowerPoint, comedy magic, and audience involvement will entertain and challenge your group with a message on the importance of reducing stress. They will laugh, recharge, reduce stress, and learn:

  • The definition of stress
  • Top three causes of stress
  • Stress and workplace safety
  • Six ways to reduce stress
  • The healing power of laughter
  • To see the humor around you

Why Laugh More?

Laughter has the power to reduce stress and heal the body. There are many ways to reduce stress: exercise, listen to music, read, and prayer/meditation to name a few. Laughter is often not thought of as a way to reduce stress. However, laughter is medically proven to reduce stress, help muscles be less tense, the body feel more relaxed, and the mind more open while giving an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. It's even proven to help reduce/block pain and heal the body of diseases by multiplying the good cells that attack bad cells.

Why Stress Less?

Happier, healthier, and less stressed people are more productive. People suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels than those not working under excessive pressure, according to research from professional services firm Towers Watson. In today’s work environment, people are working long hours, under enormous pressure to perform, and often given more responsibilities than they can manage. The results: 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 33% feel they are living with extreme or chronic stress.

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