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Professional comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of energy, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. The presentation combines stand-up comedy with content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

Key Points Include:

  • Energy – mprove health and wellness, live a balanced life, prioritize self-improvement.
  • Attitude – become more positive, embrace change, and reduce stress.
  • Motivation – increase ability, commit to lifelong learning, and achieve your goals.
  • Attendees will leave feeling inspired and encouraged to give to their full potential and creative best each day.

    Customized Topics:

    Each presentation is customized to your event. Need a specific topic expanded on or the theme of your event woven into the presentation? Just ask! Recent variations on client themes include:

    • "Three Key Ingredients of Leadership" for Young Leadership Conference
    • "What's So Funny About Safety?" for Transportation Company Meeting
    • "Dealing with Difficult Customers" for Government Employee Training Day
    • "Maintaining your Motivation" for School System Employee Convocation
    • "Finding Success by Seeing Things Differently" for Company-Wide Meeting
    • "The 3 R's: Ready, Resilient, Responsible" for Electric Coop Annual Meeting

    Larry is a nationally-touring comedian, author of “101 Funny Employee Awards”, Kenan-Flagler Business School alum, and President of Trusted Speakers. As a comedian, he has headlined over 1,000 performances in 38 states, sharing the stage with entertainment legends like Faith Hill, Ray Romano and “Weird Al” Yankovic. An early expert in Search Engine Marketing and Ecommerce, his business insights have been quoted in Inc. Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. You can hear his comedy routines daily on Sirius XM radio's “Laugh USA” and “Great American Comedy.”

    Larry delivers his upbeat and memorable presentations for conferences, company events, staff meetings, and more. It's the perfect way to kick off your event with a bang, pick up the energy after a long training session, or end on a high note!

    Recent Reviews

     Speakers and Entertainers in Malakoff, TX
    Malakoff Independent School District

    "Larry was awesome! Our staff loved hearing his message. Larry communicated with our district in advance of his performance and his message was aligned with our yearly theme. Our staff loved how he engaged with them. Every member of the audience could relate to the performance. We would have Larry back again!"
    - Superintendent, Teacher and Staff Convocation in Malakoff, TX

     Speakers and Entertainers in Newport News, VA
    Sentara Healthcare

    "Larry provided a refreshing, delightful session at our Nurse Leadership meeting. He was exactly what we were seeking with wit and humorous observations on daily interactions, relationships, and the current situation. We challenged Larry to create “belly laughs” with good clean humor. Wow! did he deliver!! The room was so attentive! We didn't see anyone take their eyes away from him except to wipe away the tears from laughter! We appreciate the ease of communicating and his accountability in timeliness, confirmations, and engagement with our team. We highly recommend using Larry for your next event."
    - Executive Assistant, SHC Nursing Leaders Event in Newport News, VA

     Speakers and Entertainers in Norfolk, NE
    Northeast Community College

    "Larry was very easy to work throughout the entire process, even through a date change due to COVID-19. He was in contact with us many times prior to the event and knew what we wanted for our presentation. On the day of the event he was punctual, which made the presentation stress-free. His message was uplifting and humorous, and was enjoyed by all of the attendees. We highly recommend Larry Weaver as a speaker for an agricultural event!"
    - Administrative Assistant, NCC Ag-ceptional Women's Conference in Norfolk, NE

     Speakers and Entertainers in Ames, IA
    Diamond Vogel

    "Larry provided a great motivational message to our group of store managers. His professionalism throughout the process was topnotch and his promptness / communication was much appreciated. I never had to worry about anything going wrong. Thanks for the great show!"
    - Northeast Operations Manager, Annual Meeting in Ames, IA

     Speakers and Entertainers in Greenville, SC
    Michelin North America

    "Larry was excellent! We invited Larry to speak at our Internal Communications meeting. We specifically wanted a speaker from outside of our company who could lighten the mood and help lift morale, while also sharing some words of wisdom on staying positive. His jokes and positive message were very well received by our employees! We had a wide age range in our group of almost all engineers, and everyone in the audience was laughing. We were thrilled with Larry's performance. Off-stage, Larry was punctual, professional and very very kind. Overall, it was a great experience. We are very happy we chose Larry as our guest speaker."
    - Product Design & Industrialization Engineer, Communications Meeting in Greenville, SC

     Speakers and Entertainers in Greensboro, NC
    United States Postal Service

    "We were honored to engage speaker Larry Weaver for our Second Annual Safety Symposium for the Greensboro District of the United States Postal Service. After researching speakers for our event, we were unanimously convinced that Larry Weaver was the right choice. We understood the gravity and importance of getting the right speaker, and the challenge of meeting the needs of our audience. Bottom line, Larry Weaver presented flawlessly, connecting all of us through his humor, personal stories, and day-to-day life applications ...Our event consisted of our Area Vice President, Area, Human Resources Manager, District Manager, Higher-Level local postal managers and postmasters, supervisors, city carriers, rural carriers, clerks, and custodians. Regardless of your rank in the organization, at the end of the day, we all can connect over humor about food, family, and frustrations. Humor is a universal antidote, breaking down barriers, and connecting us on a base level. Larry did not disappoint. I watched our District Manager from time to time, as the bar was high to make sure he was pleased. From a distance, it was obvious he was enjoying the presentation by the verbal and visual feedback he was giving. Later in speaking with him personally, he noted that Mr. Weaver was perfect for the event. Thank you Larry Weaver for being a part of our special event. It was the perfect puzzle piece to tie everything together that day for us."
    - Lean Safety Coordinator, USPS Safety Symposium in Greensboro, NC

     Speakers and Entertainers in Myrtle Beach, SC
    D.R. Horton

    "We booked Larry Weaver to be our keynote speaker at our annual event. Larry was very engaging and funny. His ideas on how to manage a positive outlook and attitude were exactly what we needed because we are going through a lot of change. He was easy to communicate with leading up to our event. We will bring him back again next year."
    - Construction Manager, Annual Team Meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC

     Speakers and Entertainers in Anza, CA
    Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc.

    "Larry Weaver is a fantastic speaker - well rehearsed, on time, and relevant to our event. He made sure to obtain local information from us ahead of time and incorporated it well into his material. We have received great comments from our members as to his performance! His material is funny, inspiring, clean and just great to listen to."
    - General Manager, AEC Membership Meeting in Anza, CA

     Speakers and Entertainers in Biloxi, MS
    Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi

    "Larry Weaver served as our luncheon speaker for our statewide annual meeting attended by 375 people. The audience is very diversified by age and a ratio of 65-35, male-to-female. Larry understood his audience and developed a program that was very entertaining and brought laughter throughout our group. His delivery style and stories related very well with our group and I received a lot of positive feedback specifically about his performance. He was fantastic, hilarious and very professional. He was easy to work with and customized his presentation from information we provided in our meeting profile. He did a great job of including a timely and special motivational message along with outstanding comedy/humor. A well-balanced program that had our group leaving with a smile on their face! As the meeting planner, it was a very good decision."
    - Senior Vice President of Communications, ECM Annual Meeting in Biloxi, MS

     Speakers and Entertainers in Greensboro, NC
    Procter and Gamble

    "Larry Weaver had a great connection with the audience and tied our Superhero Theme to his performance. His comedy was clean and we could all relate to his jokes."
    - Quality Assurance, Deployment Day in Greensboro, NC

     Speakers and Entertainers in Centerville, TN
    Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative

    "We really enjoyed Larry Weaver's presentation at our all employee meeting. The jokes were a hit and, being from the south ourselves, were spot on! The motivational tips he threw in were just what we were looking for. I appreciate his promptness, professionalism, ease to work with and creativity. Larry's ability to tie in bits from our other training earlier in the day made it that much funnier! It was just what we needed after a long day of training!"
    - VP Employee & Member Services, MLEC All-Employee Meeting in Centerville, TN

     Speakers and Entertainers in Greensboro, NC
    North Carolina Healthcare Financial Management Association

    "Larry Weaver was outstanding, beyond expectations. His humor and message left us energized and with something to truly think about and apply. I highly recommend Larry."
    - Education Council, HFMA Health Insurance Institute in Greensboro, NC

    Whole Foods
    Home Depot
    3M Company
    Procter and Gamble

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