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Find Magicians for Hire for your next meeting or event. These keynote speakers are clean and entertaining. Each of the Magicians for Hire listed below incorporate magic into their highly-engaging presentations.

The Magic of Communication
The Magic of Communication is engaging, intriguing and fun! In this interactive presentation, acclaimed magician and actor pulls back the curtain to reveal the true secrets of his magic: powerful communication skills and strong powers of observation; skills useful for us all, from the board room to the living room.

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A Healthy Approach to Work and Play
Audience members experience a world-class comedy juggling demonstration intermixed with step-by-step instructions for learning to juggle, or for learning anything, better. Learn strategies for reducing stress and developing physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being. Juggler’s Mindset is interactive, improvisational, and engaging from start to finish.

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Comedy, Magic and Mentalism
The stand-up mental comedy show is good clean fun for audiences of any size. Several audience members are brought up on stage adding to the excitement. The act blends suggestion, perception, deception and misdirection with lots of comedy for a truly entertaining show.

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Virtual Magic and Keynotes
Joshua offers virtual versions of his two signature keynotes, "Life is Magic" and "The Magic of Communication."

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Comedy and Magic
Arthur delivers skill-based, fast-moving, intriguing, and astonishing sleight-of-hand magic and mentalism. His comedy magic show is packed with feats of the impossible, audience participation, smart humor, and tricks no others perform. It is a positive, inspiring, and unforgettable experience.

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Trusted Reviews. Speakers you can count on.

Rin World Summit Magician and Mentalist

"It was great having Joshua Lozoff at our conference. He was a great addition and certainly helped establish the atmosphere we were looking for. Both shows were great. I especially enjoyed seeing him interact with our guests during the reception."

President, Freedom Group Inc.
Summer Festival Series Magician and Mentalist

"Everyone did have a wonderful time with Joshua Lozoff. We count the number of audience members that arrive at all our performances, and we broke a record of attendance of one hundred fifty (155) people. And, that’s with half our population being off campus for vacations and overseas excursions, and with a conflicting event. So, Joshua met & exceeded our expectations. He met all the criteria 100%. Thanks for helping expedite the performance by Joshua for us, and we hope that we can have the opportunity to have him back soon."

Event Planner, Carol Woods Retirement Community
Valentine Banquet Magician

"Lyndy was incredible and did a great job"

Senior Pastor, Faith Center Fellowship
Fundraiser Magician

"We met our fundraising goals for the evening. Lyndy exceeded our expectations. It was such a joy this morning to hear the residents re-telling their favorite part of last night's program. Lyndy connected extremely well with a potentially tough crowd. Jenison, Michigan is a farming community and connected very well with Lyndy's pics of his youth. Lyndy was a perfect match for our audience. He rekindled our Gala and provided some momentum for our next event."

Director of Development, Sunset Retirement Communities
Bi-Annual Celebration Banquet Funny Magician

"Arthur did strolling magic at our event. He showed up early and stayed until most of our guests had left. He always had a crowd around him, and it was obvious that everyone was having a good time. The feedback from guests was that Arthur’s performance was truly amazing."

Executive Director, Clement Arts
Concert Magician and Mentalist

"Joshua Lozoff was WONDERFUL. I would love to have him back again. He was the easiest to work with, great to have in the house. So engaging, and very pleasant. Thanks again for sending him our way!"

Director, Falany Performing Arts Center
Company Christmas Party Magician

"I was a little skeptical about hiring a comedian/magician for our work Christmas party, but after last night, I am so glad I hired Lyndy. The entire audience was laughing constantly, his tricks were amazing and his overall performance was enthralling! My colleagues were extremely happy and impressed. This was by far the best Christmas party we have had as a result."

Operations Manager, JCPenney Logistics
Member Event Magician and Mentalist

"We were absolutely and totally thrilled with Joshua Lozoff and the performance. Everything was perfect. Joshua was prompt, set up easy, and Joshua was very friendly immediately. The stage setup was very nice Joshua and was very warm right away with the audience. He explained what he felt magic was about and how he developed his show based on his beliefs. The performance was spectacular. It was amusing yet very on target. The tricks were amazing, as were the mental exercises performed. And Joshua was more than accommodating after the show too. Everyone was raving about the show last night, and I had had numerous communication today with nothing but positive feedback. I gladly give the whole event a 10 out of ten."

Event Planner, Carolina Preserve Shalom Club
All Hands Meeting Communications Speaker

"A very big THANK YOU to Joshua for an outstanding, fabulous keynote presentation yesterday. I'll put a more formal thank you in the mail but didn't want to let today pass by without expressing my thanks for how much his performance amazed and delighted, and was enjoyed by our employees. It was all they could talk about today! He taught us so much about communication, especially non-verbal communication and subliminal messages and absolutely astonished us with his magic. BRAVO!!!"

VP Training Coordinator, Benchmark Community Bank
Holiday Celebration Magician and Mentalist

"5 Stars across the board for Joshua."

Human Resources Manager, DS Smith
Volunteer Appreciation Event Funny Magician

"What an absolutely amazing thing your company has with Arthur!! He was incredible! But what I enjoyed most was, no one was a number; everyone in the crowd was somebody. He spoke to you like a person and was as down to earth as he could be. He presented an amazing salvation message while demonstrating it with magic tricks; which captivated everyone SO well! Overall, so thrilled we invited him. It was a phenomenal night! Will definitely be inviting him back!"

Elementary Director, NorthStar Church
Christmas party Magician and Mentalist

"Joshua Lozoff did a fabulous job! His performance was magical, funny and very entertaining. Everyone had a great time! Thanks so much!"

Manager, City of Reidsville
Whole Foods
Home Depot
3M Company
Procter and Gamble
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