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Trusted Speakers is your premier source for speakers, entertainers, and comedians perfect for Volunteer Appreciation events.

Our talent roster includes individuals who specialize in celebrating and honoring the invaluable contributions of volunteers. Whether it's through heartfelt speeches, uplifting music, or laughter-inducing comedy, our speakers and entertainers create memorable experiences that express gratitude and recognition for the dedication of volunteers. They understand the importance of volunteerism in creating positive change within communities, and their presentations are tailored to inspire, uplift, and motivate volunteers to continue their impactful work. From heartfelt stories of service to light-hearted humor that brings joy to the occasion, our speakers and entertainers ensure that Volunteer Appreciation events are meaningful, enjoyable, and truly special.

Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver
Professional comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of energy, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. The presentation combines stand-up comedy with content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

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Funny Leadership Speaker
His keynote is a dynamic fusion of Leadership and Laughter, designed to empower audiences. It helps you discover leadership insights in the most unexpected places, arms you with effective strategies to overcome stress and anxiety, and delivers practical tactics to enhance workplace productivity.

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Change Management Speaker
This keynote skillfully blends humor with valuable tips for navigating change in business, from environmental initiatives to evolving rules. Amidst the fear, tension, and miscommunications brought by constant change, it offers a light-hearted yet practical approach. Enjoy laughs while learning how to adapt to change using humor.

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Rock Star Leadership Speaker
He infuses his roles as a keynote speaker, professional entertainer, and team-building expert with vibrant energy. Whether leading a small workshop or energizing a packed auditorium, his presentations captivate and educate, inspiring attendees to positively impact their teams, companies, and communities. His dynamic approach guarantees an uplifting and enlightening experience for all.

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Funny Productivity Speaker
Boost productivity by tackling distractions head-on! Picture the delightful surprise of America's Favorite Deputy, Barney Fife, entering the conference room with a whistle in hand. After capturing everyone's attention, he steps out of character to deliver a speech on 1) eliminating distractions for higher productivity, 2) mastering time management, and 3) setting crystal-clear goals.

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Magic and Comedy
His show offers a unique blend of fast-paced, skillful magic and mentalism. Packed with unparalleled sleight-of-hand, audience interaction, and clever humor, his performance showcases extraordinary, exclusive tricks. It's not just a magic show; it's an inspiring, memorable journey of laughter and wonder, leaving audiences positively captivated.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Jacksonville, FL

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Creekside Christian Church Volunteer Appreciation

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Canton, MI

Comedian for LifeChurch Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Middlefield, CT

Comedian for Victory Church Leadership Appreciation Event

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Mocksville, NC

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Green Meadows Baptist Church Volunteer Banquet

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Fairfield, CT

Comedian for Black Rock Church Volunteer Appreciation Night

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Autryville, NC

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Grace Tree Church Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Denver, CO

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Applewood Baptist Church Volunteer Appreciation

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Decatur, AL

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Cornerstone Church Volunteer Appreciation Party

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Dallas, TX

Comedian for First Baptist Church of Red Oak Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Frederick, MD

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for New Life Church Volunteer Appreciation Event

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Jonesboro, AR

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Temple Baptist Church Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Kennesaw, GA

Magician for NorthStar Church Volunteer Appreciation Event

Trusted Reviews. Speakers you can rely on.

Clean Comedian for Alamance Regional Medical Center Auxiliary

"Larry Weaver provided the entertainment for our National Volunteer Week Luncheon. I have gotten such great feedback. Everyone loved him! His down-home brand of humor really resonated with our volunteers. He was a natural at drawing people in and the volunteers really enjoyed his interaction with the audience. Nothing like some good clean fun! In addition, Larry was a joy to work with; prompt, pleasant, and professional. Needless to say, he was a hit!"

Director of Volunteer Services, Hospital Volunteer Awards
Comedian for Tree of Life Church

"We loved John! Young and old gave us such positive feedback on the evening. I HIGHLY recommend him. He was funny, relevant and sweet. Good clean humor that any age group will enjoy!!"

Administrative Director, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Comedian for Sioux Falls First Assembly of God

"Andy was great, we really enjoyed having him here! Thanks for recommending him."

Office Adminstrator, Volunteer Appreciation
Magician and Mentalist for The Bridge Church of NC

"Joshua did an awesome job! He by far met and exceeded our expectations for the event. Everyone loved the performance and was raving about it on Facebook and at church on Sunday. He was entertaining, professional and his performance had everyone on the edge of their seat. We would love to have him back some time in the future. It was a big hit."

Creative Arts Pastor, Church Volunteer Appreciation Event
Comedian for Church52

"Our congregation LOVED John! He was extremely down to earth, he arrived in plenty of time, interacted with all of our staff and made all of us feel like his friends. His show was fantastic! People are still laughing about many things he said that evening. It was a great evening. Thank you!!"

Event Planner, Volunteer Thank You Banquet
Magician for Christian Community Action

"Lyndy made our Volunteer Banquet one of the most memorable in the 15 years we've been hosting it. The crowd loved him, they were very engaged and enjoyed the entire performance! What a wonderful gift to be able to combine speaking life and laughter on such an entertaining level. It was a true blessing to all in attendance. If you'd like your event to be a success, I highly recommend booking Lyndy, your audience will thank you for it!"

Human Resources Director, Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
Comedian for Black Rock Church

"John was fantastic both on and off the stage. He communicated frequently with us in the weeks before the event and mingled with our congregation when he got there. It is hard to find someone who excels at clean humor and John met our expectations and more. He was incredibly funny and took the time to customize his show to our church and community. John had over 200 people laughing and we sent him off with a standing ovation!"

Director of Volunteers, Volunteer Appreciation Night
Ventriloquist for Sunset Retirement Communities

"Everyone loved Steve. Our residents will be talking about Steve and Elmer for a long time. He was funny, professional, clean, and gracious. Steve and his friends are good medicine for the soul."

Vice President of Development, Volunteer Banquet
Magician for Prince of Peace Christian School

"A message along with some magicà.a unique combination you'll experience when you host Lyndy as your guest speaker. Lyndy's Laugh More. Stress Less. Program is engaging, interactive and will definitely put smiles on all attendee's faces. He was instrumental in making our programs fun and memorable while also ensuring that the employees and volunteers we were recognizing could take some time to relax, decompress and think about something other than their daily responsibilities. You won't go wrong when Lyndy brings more laughs and less stress to your next meeting, fundraiser, team building or recognition event!"

Parent Teacher Board, Volunteer Appreciation Event
Clean Comedian for Temple Baptist Church

"We booked Larry Weaver for our church Volunteer Banquet. Even with the diverse age and personalities of the attendees, Larry was a huge success! He was engaging with the audience and had a wide variety of material that had everyone laughing. Working with Larry Weaver was a great experience! He was professional-from his dress to his demeanor. We received excellent comments from our members about his performance following the event. I hope to get him back again for other church events. I HIGHLY recommend Larry Weaver for all your entertainment needs!"

Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
Comedian for Victory Church

"John was professional in every aspect of his performance. Loved how he made his routine personal by including so many church personnel in his opening session. We all got a healthy laugh from the light-hearted comments and personal touch. We all enjoyed interacting with him."

Pastor, Leadership Appreciation Event
Comedian for GraceWay Bible Church

"John was very professional and fun! We had a mixed group of children thru adults. He related well to everyone. He had the children eating out of his hand! They loved him."

Director of Program, Volunteer Appreciation

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