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Motivational Speakers for Senior Citizens, 55+ Active Adults

Trusted Speakers is your trusted partner for bringing inspiration and entertainment to senior adult events.

Whether it's a gathering for seniors, active adult communities, widows, widowers, or those young at heart, our lineup of motivational speakers, comedians, magicians, and entertainers will make your event unforgettable. With recent experience at meetings and events tailored for seniors and the 55+ community, our presenters understand the unique perspectives and interests of older audiences. They deliver uplifting messages, share humorous anecdotes, and provide engaging performances that resonate with seniors, encouraging them to embrace life to the fullest. From heartwarming speeches to laughter-filled comedy acts, from mesmerizing magic shows to lively musical performances, our talent lineup ensures that every senior adult event is filled with joy, laughter, and inspiration.

Change Management Speaker
This keynote skillfully blends humor with valuable tips for navigating change in business, from environmental initiatives to evolving rules. Amidst the fear, tension, and miscommunications brought by constant change, it offers a light-hearted yet practical approach. Enjoy laughs while learning how to adapt to change using humor.

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Funny Leadership Speaker
His keynote is a dynamic fusion of Leadership and Laughter, designed to empower audiences. It helps you discover leadership insights in the most unexpected places, arms you with effective strategies to overcome stress and anxiety, and delivers practical tactics to enhance workplace productivity.

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Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver
Professional comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of energy, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. The presentation combines stand-up comedy with content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

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Work-Life Balance Speaker
He offers humorous insights on juggling work-life balance and managing family responsibilities while handling business. Ideal for all audiences, this talk resonates even more when guests or spouses are present, blending laughter with relatable life lessons.

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Corporate Comedian and Emcee
Treat your clients, employees, families, or loyal customers to a thoroughly enjoyable experience with his clean, meticulously crafted comedy set. Expect an abundance of laughs and smiles, and don't be surprised if you see someone from the audience joining in on stage for an extra bit of fun!

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Humorous Southern Speaker
She offers a unique mix of humor with a charming Southern twist, appealing to diverse audiences. Firm in her belief that laughter unites us more than divides, she skillfully brings people of all backgrounds together through her distinctive, relatable comedy.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Bluffton, SC

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Sun City Hilton Head Community Association Comedy Series

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Athens, GA

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Grace Fellowship Church of God Senior Adult Night

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Palmyra, PA

Funny Juggler for Londonderry Village Annual Fundraiser

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Doswell, VA

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Virginia Good Sam Club Good Sam Rally

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Cary, NC

Clean Comedian for Tuscany Club at Carolina Preserve Member Event

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Raleigh, NC

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Trinity Baptist Church Senior Adult Valentine Banquet

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Wichita Falls, TX

Magician for Bi-Fork Baptist Association Senior Adult Day

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Beaumont, TX

Magician for Better Business Bureau in Southeast Texas Senior Celebration & Consumer Expo

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Palmyra, PA

Larry Weaver - Virtual Comedian and Speaker for Londonderry Village Good Samaritan Fund Dinner (Virtual)

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Leesburg, FL

Larry Weaver - Clean Comedian for Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center LYBCC Senior Fest

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Greenville, SC

Larry Weaver - Motivational Speaker for Rolling Green Village Retirement Community Prospective Members Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Jenison, MI

Clean Comedian for Sunset Retirement Communities Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Trusted Reviews. Speakers you can rely on.

Funny Juggler for Hot Springs Village Property Owner's Association

"Excellent show from Paul Miller! Great audience participation. Really liked how he interacted with the people before the show. Sat, spoke, and did some magic tricks with each table."

Manager, Coronado Community Center, Clean Comedy Concert
Comedian for Harmony Hill Baptist Church

"David did a really great job of communicating with our Senior Adults. He got various responses from the crowd and was able to stay with those answers and use them later in his routine to help connect with the crowd on a "local" basis. Connected well with them and was very personable and down to earth. Enjoyed him and recommend him for any venue. Good clean humor is a rarity today and I appreciate him keeping it clean and funny!"

Senior Worship Pastor, Senior Adult Christmas Banquet
Magician for Prestonwood Baptist Church

"Lyndy was an outstanding entertainer at our Adult Bible Fellowship dinner! His combination of comedy, magic acts, interaction with the audience, and video presentations kept the audience smiling and laughing, at times uncontrollably! Everyone loved his wit and charm and those he called on the stage were delighted (even when being made fun of!). I highly recommend Lyndy when you need clean and wholesome entertainment!"

Minister to Senior Adults, Senior Adults Event
Comedian for Georgia Retired Educators

"David was prompt, professional, had a great personality, he connected with the audience, his material was outstanding. The members who talked with me enjoyed his performance. Everyone was laughing. You helped us select a performer who was just right for our audience."

Convention Chair, Annual Convention
Comedienne for Sun City Hilton Head Community Association

"So many residents told me that Karen was their favorite so far! She was fantastic! We didn't receive any negative feedback, which is rare! She was a joy to be with & she has a great outlook on life!"

Lifestyle Services Event Manager, Comedy Series
Clean Comedian for ValleyStar Credit Union

"I wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful event. We really enjoyed Larry Weaver's show and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the event. We hope to be able to have him for a corporate event in the future!"

Senior Marketing Coordinator, Golden Club Luncheon
Comedian for The Haven at New Riverside

"The residents enjoyed David's performance. He was early, very professional, and has awesome personality. His material was funny. He is a great impersonator. He connected with the audience. Your agency was very organized and very easy to work with. Thanks!"

Lifestyle Director, Comedy Night
Clean Comedian for Sun City Hilton Head Community Association

"Larry Weaver was such a delight to work with! He is professional, funny, witty and very connected with his audience. He kept our audience laughing throughout the performance! We will definitely invite him back!"

Lifestyle Services Manager, Comedy Series
Magician for First Baptist Church

"Everyone I spoke with after the banquet had great things to say about Lyndy. He was very professional, prompt and had a great personality and connected well with the audience. We have had Lyndy before at our church on a couple of different occasions, and knew he would do a terrific job. He did a great job of weaving in Christmas stories throughout his presentation and drove home the reason we celebrate Christmas at his conclusion. Thanks for your help in making sure we were well prepared with his setup and other needs for the presentation. It was a good experience."

Minster of Music, Senior Adults Christmas Luncheon
Magician and Mentalist for Carolina Preserve

"Joshua is thoroughly professional, prompt in communications and arrival time, adept with electronics, and both funny and amazing as a magician. He is a warm-hearted and ebullient performer. The audience reactions were enthusiastic and admiring."

Board Member, Tuscany Club Member Event
Magician for Hillcrest Baptist Church

"Excellent event!! Lyndy was "top notch" in every area and feedback from those attending was very good. They shared their positive experience with many others Sunday morning. Thank you."

Minister of Music, Senior Ministry Banquet
Magician for Georgia Baptist Convention

"It is without reservation that I recommend Lyndy to everyone! What a great evening! If you're looking for wholesome, clean comedy that will keep you laughing, Lyndy is the guy! It was a joy to introduce Lyndy to our group and to watch them be caught up in every moment of the entire evening. His presentation was so personable that you could identify with every story he told. Audience participation was so natural and engaging that even the seniors wanted to participate! Before you knew it, you had been so totally engaged in laughing that you lost track of time. There was never a dull moment! Without reservation, you need to have Lyndy at your next event!"

Music and Worship Ministries, Senior Adult Choir Festival

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