Comedian Sid Davis - Clean Humor

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Clean humor from former insurance salesman and airline worker. His humor is fueled with A.D.D., a wavering ego and a grade school teacher wife who views him as a child left behind.

He grew up in a small farm community in Southwestern Ohio. The youngest of four children, he was recognized as a distraction in school classrooms. He attended Ohio University's School of Communications. Upon graduation, he took a job at a small radio station as advertising salesperson and a copywriter.

He worked as a salesman in the insurance business, thend began working in the airline industry as a baggage handler. He attended aviation tech school, working 16 hour days for two years, and became airline technician, eventually transferring to Charlotte, NC.

During his airline tenure at the Charlotte airport, he enjoyed walking around the terminal and observing behavior. After 9-11, the financially devastated airline industry resulted in him receiving forced retirement. He used the time to explore stand-up comedy at Charlotte’s Comedy Zone and in Toastmasters; where he placed at the top of the North Carolina humor speaking contests for two consecutive years. He now speaks and performs comedy full-time.

Whole Foods
Home Depot
3M Company
Procter and Gamble

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