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McLane Southern

"Mutzie was fantastic. I’ll pass his name along to the other divisions. I think they would really enjoy him."

Transportation Manager, Safety Banquet (Wesson, MS) 4/14/2018

Angela Hospice

"Karen was fantastic. She had everyone laughing out loud with tears in hysterics!"

Events Coordinator, Ladies’ Night Fundraiser (Livonia, MI) 2/22/2018

Petal Area Chamber

"Mutzie stepped in at the last minute and saved my banquet. He had the audience in tears because they were laughing so hard. Most importantly, most of his act was interaction with the guests. He connected and kept the audience with him. He was refreshing clean, funny, and delightful. Our guests said that they had not laughed that hard in years."

Executive Director, Annual Banquet (Petal, MS) 1/18/2018

Angela Hospice

"The feedback was fantastic. Great performance, funny, hilarious, very relatable material. Panty hose skit had everyone in tears! Everyone loved it."

Events Coordinator, Ladies Night Fundraiser (Livonia, MI) 2/23/2017

CHI Health Immanuel

"Matt was very easy to work with and was willing to be flexible with the airline that his ticket was booked with and was also flexible with the time of his performance (due to a delay in dinner service). He seemed to connect with our audience and provided exactly what we had anticipated which was good clean fun entertainment."

Manager, Volunteer & Guest Services, Annual Fundraiser (Omaha, NE) 4/8/2016

McLane Ozark

"Matt did a great job. He wrote a song and incorporated some facts I provided him and produced a good reaction from the crowd. The feedback from our teammates regarding the performance was positive as well. The communication, preparation, scheduling, and coordination leading up to the event was seamless. Thank you"

Event Planner, Annual Driver's Safety Banquet (Springfield, MO) 3/26/2016

Gumpoint Court of Praise Church

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us to hire a comedian. We could not have asked for better, and definitely plan on having him come back. He made the night perfect! Thank you for what you do!"

Event Planner, Valentine Banquet (Iota, LA) 2/12/2016

Trescal Inc.

"Matt was great! We were all impressed by his personalized song. Everyone had a great time. It was all I was hoping it would be. Thank you Matt for making our event memorable!"

Human Resources Director, Company Holiday Party (Detroit, MI) 12/17/2015


"Thanks for following up. As you know, we had an incredible entertainer last year, and it would be very difficult for anyone to follow him. From only seeing Matt via videos, I can honestly say I was a little apprehensive. The big day arrived and Matt came by early to make sure everything was in place. He seemed very nice, but would our group like him?!! We've never had anyone like this before. The event starts, people sit down for dinner, and just as they are finishing up the meal, Matt is introduced. He comes up on stage and my heart is pounding in my chest. Matt gets to the microphone, introduces himself, tells his first joke, andà The crowd erupts into laughter. Immediately I feel the biggest weight lift from my shoulders! Matt continues his set as the crowd is mesmerized by him. He involves the whole audience on a few jokes, he customizes jokes just for our group, and overall, he really connects with our audience. They laugh. They applaud. They wipe tears of laughter. They genuinely enjoy his performance. It's three weeks later, and yesterday someone stopped me in the hall to tell me how much they enjoyed our banquet entertainment. Larry, you and your team have done it again. You do all the work, I get all the credit - it's a wonderful relationship! Thank you for making me look good, and for helping provide such a memorable evening for our employees."

Corporate Secretary, Annual Banquet (Kinston, NC) 6/25/2015

Great Lakes Surgical Center

"Matt was fantastic! He was on time, professional and very entertaining! We had a diverse group of guests, but everyone could relate to Matt's humor and entertainment. If you pick Matt for your event you will NOT be disappointed!"

Executive Director, 10 Year Corporate Anniversary (Detroit, MI) 5/9/2015

Macomb Christian Church

"Matt exceeded our expectations. He was very prompt, very professional, and easy to work with in terms of set-up. He was very personable from the first time I touched base with him by phone the week of the event until the time he left. He was well received by the church leadership and members. We would love to see him again."

Committee Chair, Pledge Drive Celebration (Detroit, MI) 5/3/2015


"You will not be surprised to hear that Matt was a huge hit at our Annual Meeting. As I mentioned to him, it takes true talent to get an audience full of conservative bankers to laugh out loud at an afternoon event. These people look around to see if it is 'safe' to laugh because they fear they will embarrass themselves if something comes up that might be slightly controversial. We are all SO concerned with political correctness these days. I'm happy to report that Matt won the crowd over to his side within minutes. My only regret is that we all had to get back to work, so his performance time was limited. Nothing but those pesky jobs of ours is what limited our ability to more fully enjoy his act. I think the highest compliment Matt received from three separate people is that they wished he was someone they could sit around with at a campfire some night, just to enjoy his music and jokes. This shows he has a talent for connecting on a very personal level with people very quickly. One woman commented that listening to Matt would be a great fitness tape: she said an evening with him would give the old abs and stomach muscles a real work-out from all the laughter!"

Executive Director, Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN) 4/15/2015

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