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Virtual Leadership Development and Team Building. Customized keynotes, workshops, and events to best fit the needs of your organization.

Building The Band – Virtual Workshop

Build your virtual presence!!! Grow your club membership!!! Leave a legacy!!! This workshop focuses on your current members’ role and responsibility in staying connected and engaged online. We will explore ways to collectively promote the organizations and their hosted events. Each individual club member has a role to play! Every individual member is an important “rock star in the band” and this workshop helps inspire current members into action. It’s time to promote the organization and recruit new members!!! #virtualengagement #teambuilding #virtualpromotion #legacy

Passing The Torch – Virtual Workshop

Set your organization up for continued success and PLAN your leadership transitions! In this session we will explore the best practices in planning and executing smooth virtual team-member transitions. Whether you are an experienced team player or the “new kid” you have an important role to play in the legacy and ever-evolving structure and legacy of your organization. This session will give you the tools to help your team succeed now and in the future! #successionplanning #teambuilding

Keeping The Band In Tune – Virtual Workshop

As a club member you are an influential “Rock Star Student Leader” within your campus community, virtually and “in person”. Your influence is even greater when your team is working together to accomplish your collective goal. This workshop will focus on strengthening the ties between your current club members, overcoming the pitfalls inherent to working and collaborating with a group, and exploring the best ways to keep your team engaged and involved. Effective teams – collective success! #rocktheband #teambuilding

Turn Up Your Volume – Virtual Workshop

What is your personal Brand? How do you want to be seen in the world? This workshop will focus on YOU, the branding, the promoting, and the growth of your own online presence. Recruiters, employers, friends, class mates, and potential life partners will be looking at you online. So, how do you want to present yourself to the world? How do you want to be seen? What is your message? We will get to the heart of what makes you an amazing “Rock Star” and celebrate YOU, and you will be inspired to share your personal brand with the world! #yourock #personaldevelopment #personalbrand

Hosting The Show – Virtual Workshop

Plan and host amazing virtual content!!! This is one of the best ways to engage your current membership, invite and recruit new members, and to connect online! From the planning to the execution, this workshop will help club members work through the steps necessary to create, promote, and “host” a virtual event. #rockstarplanning #rockstarpromotion #rockstarshow

For Advisors: Keeping The Band Alive! – Virtual Workshop

This workshop is designed for club and org advisors and the focus is on their important roles and responsibilities both on campus and online. Advisors will leave this workshop excited and connected to other advisors and will embrace the fun idea that they are the “tour managers” of their respective “bands”. We will also discuss the best practices in working virtually with transitional leadership. How can we best help our organizations stay connected before and after our student leaders graduate? How do we inspire new members to “take the reins”, accelerate their participation, and encourage them to take on new leadership positions? It’s all about keeping the clubs alive! #rockstaradvisors

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